a ferrari truck crashes in front of you

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by ryan117, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. out rolls an enzo, an F50 and an F40, all undamaged. they all have the keys in the ignition. which one do you steal? this isnt about which one you like most, its about which one you would most like to own. yes, its different.
  2. anyone that doesnt choose enzo is a #$%#ing moron. You could sell it and buy an f50 and f40.
  3. you likely couldnt. F50s go for around 600K and F40s for 700K, you could sell and Enzo for about 1.2 million if your lucky.

    I would steel the and Enzo and sell it. then buy a LP640, 6.0VT and an S65 and a house.
  4. ugh, i hate it when people choose the sell option. homos.
  5. Enzo, obviously.
  6. Enzo so I can steal the drivetrain, suspension, and brakes then have it crushed into a cube and throw in into Lake Ontario.
  7. *SLAP
  8. I hate the Enzo with a firey passion.
  9. Anyone that hates a car is retarded IMO
  10. Espescially the Enzo.

    and i would steal the Enzo btw
  11. indeed, its a stunning car. From anyway you look at it
  12. F40 obviously.
  13. Enzo, sell it becaust i have no money to fix my Z let alone a ferarri. An all black ford GT would quickly fill its place with an aftermarket blower. Along with a house, boat, truck, motorcycle, garage complete with a lift, tools, and a monkey that organizes the tools, i could go on.
  14. the f40 is my dream car so id get that
  15. Assuming the car cant be sold. F50

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