A Look to the Past (Details Inside)

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by Lambo Man, Dec 24, 2004.

  1. So, as of today, many manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon by producing cars which hark back to originals. The best example of a Supercar that has gone this path is Ford with it's GT.

    Now, for a second, lets dream. Lets say you could ask ANY manufacturer to produce a past vehicle but with all modern mechanicals and somewhat updated styling. There are endless possibilities: Lancia Stratos, Lamborghini Miura, Jaguar XJ113, there are tons of past cars which would make incredible new ones.

    The car I would want to be remade? That's easy, the Porsche 917K, with the following:

    -6.0L Flat 12 producing around 720hp
    -Water cooled
    -6 Speed Manual gearbox with Balsa wood knob
    -Classic Black Fuchs wheels with single lug
    -Carbon fiber Monocoque
    -Gulf Oil livery

    That would probably be the most awesome car around.
  2. 1974 Porsche RSR
    - watercooled 3.8 litre Biturbo modded by gemballa producing around 750 - 800hp
    - full cf bodywork
    - badass black

    but yours is great too!
  3. Lotus Cortina GT or an E-Type.
  4. I saw a very good looking red E-type yesterday. Would be awesome to see a new one.
  5. A 330 P4 . Those things were road legal .Oh hell..i want the original version. No #$%#ing emission or noise restrictions then.
  7. A newer, faster Vector W8. Or if they just made the Speed 12 as it is, I would be happy.
  8. Porsche 917k
  9. i'm looking at this coachwork only. i want coachbuilder to modify these cars into former glory cars!

    ferrari 250 swb (because of its sheer beauty)
    based on a 456gt

    mercedes benz slr300 (the sound, oh my god, the sound!!)
    mclaren slr, but a proper manual and less luxury

    db4 gt zagato (beauty as well)
    with the engine from the vantage v600

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