A North Korean car

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    And they made an advertisement for it:

  2. What could be better than a reversed engineered Fiat Palio?
  3. Haha, actually looked up North Korean cars on youtube before because I figured the results would probably be hilarious.
  4. Was called the Siena here?
  5. lol awful, it has the exact same front as the 90s nissan quest minivan
  6. Why advertise? As if they have any choice of which car to buy...

    as if they have the choice to buy a car at all.
  7. Has to be for government officials or military officers, but probably not the high ranking ones.
  8. nice fiat.
  9. It's good to see the North Korean people being forced to build some shit car instead of feeding themselves.
  10. So eastern block. I love it.
  11. it kind of reminds me of that Nissan/Alfa joint venture where they oddly decided to use alfa technology and nissan design
  12. DO WANT

    for that price...
  13. Better than any American car.
  14. Hell its better than any euro car aswell, this things a beast.
  15. sick joke
  16. That's not hard.
  17. Better than a Zr1.
  18. I hope it will reach in the Philippines!
  19. The Philippines is Asia's Mexico.
  20. no its worse than the shittiest euro car. stil lbetter than anytihng american
  21. Who the **** wants to sit through a 7 minute long advertisement?
  22. That's no North Korean car, it's just an outdated Fiat made in an even more outdated factory. Big #$%#ing deal.
  23. better than any SAAB

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