A QKR SLR - Edition 722

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  1. It definitely tries to be the best GT on the market. It probably succeeds, though I would personally rather have a 599 to handle that task.
  2. a miata is and this isnt?
  3. it weighs less than a Murcielago and a Veyron
  4. theyre overweight too
  5. so a murcielago isnt a sportscar? seriously stfu the slr is a sportscar
  6. u are talking to me?
  7. if u think the slr isnt a sportscar then i would be yes.
  8. never said it isn't, i just noticed the fact that he compared the slr to 2 of the most overweight supercars
  9. you guys missed my point. lemme clarify

    Heavy, Plush, automatic are all qualities that are not fitting for a sports car


  10. I've got to say that Murcielago weight is actually dry, the correct full weight by Sport Auto is 1820kg. The SLR is a tested 1768kg, so your right onthat front.
  11. you're saying it gain 170 kg from oil and fuel?
  12. Yes and also add a 68kg driver to the mix too.
  13. You are completely missing and/or ignoring and/or ignorant of some vital elements to the history of the automobile. How about the Vanquish? That's fast. How about the 599 GTB? That's even faster. Indeed, go back a bit - how about the Aston Martin DB5? They are all GT cars. It doesn't matter how fast they go. That's not what defines GT vs. sports car. Of course, that doesn't mean there aren't crossover cars that have supercar-like performance. All of the above-mentioned cars fall into that category. But these cars are all traditional, front-engine GT cars designed for long-distance driving. Decades and decades ago, many grand tourers were cars that could also be and, indeed, were raced. Some of Ferrari's most successful racers were derived from the 250 series and many were GT cars (with exceptions, such as the 250 LM). Yes, they were fast as hell and many have gone down in history as a incredible street-racing cars. But at the end of the day they were still front-engine GT cars that gentleman racers just happened to drive to the track and beat everything they faced. That doesn't mean they weren't GT cars.
  14. well put
  15. Plus front engine.
    Plus an effort to have a luxurious interior and a cabin you can actually see out of.
    Plus a car you can parralel park without sitting on the door sill.
    Plus an actual useable boot that you can throw your golf clubs in.
    Etc. etc.
  16. Indeed, however how would you rate the Miura?
  17. i was gonna leave the front engine part out just because front engined cars can be sports cars too of course. but at this scale midengine is definatly almost a requirement, very few can pull front engine off, and still midengine would have been more apropriate [ie Speed12]

    i guess this is why id always take a 430 over a 599 even though the 599 will probly make short work of it on a track

    i think what Mercedes SHOULD have done was make a limited edition Sports package for the car, not this 722 BS. Basically gut the car of all the unnecissary [sp?] fluff and plush and add more HP
    -this way it avoids pissing off current SLR owners because they didnt by an SLR for performance, they bought it as a plushy GT and this limited edition pack is instead sports oriented
    -turns the SLR into an ACTUAL sports car

    this is far better then what they have done now because if i was an SLR owner, id be ticked knowing that for an extra 50grand i could have had a far superior car with all the same amenities
  18. For the most part yes, but i must breach on a few points.

    1. Technically the SLR is mid engine as the engine is planted behind the front axel.

    2. "Plus a car you can parralel park without sitting on the door sill. " Come on, this is not the age of the Countach anymore, many of the new supercars (from what i've read and that's a lot) including the Enzo, Carrera GT and Zonda do not require this to park.

    Anyways, i think it's a matter of opinion, pretty much like everything and if someone defines it as a Sports Car that should be fine, it doesn't bother me.

    For me, it looks like this:


    Zonda S/F
    Carrera GT


    C6 Z06

    And in the SLR and 599 GTB's case i'd pit them in:

    ===Exotic GT===

    SLR McLaren
    599 GTB


    SL55 AMG
  19. How did the Z06 become a supercar if it's front engined, just like the SLR. Even though the Z06 is manual and the SLR is an automatic, the SLR is more of a sports car than the Z06. Whether you look at it from a design perspective or a performance perspective, the SLR outdoes the majority of sports cars around.

    Alot of you guys are trying to be too purist and complain for nothing. The car performs the best of both worlds which was it's intended design, not be the end all be all car. If this car did not have the Mclaren nametag it would be considered a sucess.
  20. exotic GT, thats a nice way to put it
  21. I seem to recall reading that Mercedes had originally intended the SLR as a super GT, staking out a place for itself in an area above the 575/Vanquish market (to Gordon Murray's chagrin). It's not a pure sports car for the reasons stated above, but it does a pretty good job. Maybe they should have named it something else other than "SLR"?

    I don't think the SLR is more of a sports car than the Z06 (which I think follows the original SLR ethos better than the current SLR). I'd say the SLR is more of a super GT, and more of a supercar, than the Z06.
  22. I thought it was obvious <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/disappointed.gif"></A>

    But do not treat me like i dislike the SLR, because i don't. And don't you dare call me a purist, because i'm not, i love many things heavy, for instance i'd rather have the automatic heavy SLK55 over the lightweight manual Z4M

    The Z06 was fitted with the Gallardo and F430 as supercar because they all have 500bhp, the Zonda, Carrera GT and Enzo all made it into exotic category because they have over 600bhp. Do not assume because the list "Exotic GT's" was below supercar mean't it was in a lower category, it's not.

    For (--ME--) the GT's such as the SL55 and M6 were put into the "GT" category as they have 500bhp, the SLR and 599 GTB have over 600bhp (the CLK DTM 590bhp) and on my list that puts them in a category apart from the standard GT's. I would say the SLR and 599 GTB both share the typical GT comforts found in cars such as the M6 and SL55 but take the levels of power and agility to a new level. The Carrera GT, Zonda and aren't focused on offering both huge comfort and performance, they focus mostly on performance and that's why they are the better performance cars.
  23. Thank you for the first paragraph, that's exactly my point.
  24. im so glad we were able to resolve a heated debate without a flame war. i guess its pandabeat's day off
  25. omgrly?!?!?!?!?!??!?!!?!?!1

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