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    ive heard that the S7 is coming to Europe this year [finally taking the fight their turf hahahaha!]

    now, im sure you've heard of the British show "Top Gear" where they test ALL the best cars [Enzo, Carrera GT, Veyron, MC12, Zonda F, even the Ariel Atom!] but unfortunately no S7 [and no Ultima, surprising considering its British]

    but now that the S7 is coming to Europe, maybe theyll test it.
    Do you know if they're going to test it in the near future? [or distant future, im not choosy]

    and if so, do you think it will be able to take the record around their track from the Zonda F


    i think it stands a fighting chance with its better acceleration figures and seeing as the track is straight alot.

    but then again the Zonda F is a strong competitor
    -Larger brakes [15.2in x 15.2in VS 15in x 14in]
    -Slightly lighter [2809lb VS 2950]
    -ABS [S7 doesnt have it i think]
    -traction control [unless im mistaken and S7 has it as well]
    -dedicated to a dead man [never mess with the dead]

    im really excited to see them review it, i really want to know what they say, but im scared jeremy clarkson wont like it, oh he'll say something along the lines of "the POWER! its brilliant! ive never driven anything like this!" but in the end i have a feeling he'll be very critical on the fact it has no ABS and traction control [he really is a baby] also the fact he already drove the veyron may make the S7's acceleration a little more dull. im only hoping Hammand drives this one because he will love it im sure, he has a more youthful heart then Jeremy and is a fan of the adrenaline more then the purpose
  2. We will be doing alot of testing in Europe with the Media this year, I am not sure if top gear is one as I am not in marketing. However if you look at many of the facts you will see that the cars like the Zonda did not fair well on the race track, poor downforce and mechanical grip was there main issue. The S7R and TT both have almost the same downforce, that is how we get away with out all the ABS, and traction control, downforce is an amazing force. As far as accleration a 2800 lb 750 hp car has a better power to wieght ratio then the Bugatti, so I doubt that the accelration will seem dull.
  3. the S7 is by no means dull, but its slower to 60 then the veyron for sure so it might not cause enough of a shock to him. should be faster then just about every other car theyve tested though.
  4. Despite the massive popularity of Top gear and Jeremy Clarkson, their tests aren't a true measure/predictor of a supercars performance and worth IMHO.
    The Top Gear test track is just an abandoned airfield and a lap takes little over a minute to complete in a high-performance car.

    To me, endurance racing carries more weight in evaluating performance.
  5. Give them a 1000bhp version to play with and they will build a shrine to it.
  6. ok no one doubts the S7 is one of the most incredible cars to date, but ive yet to see any info about the 1000 HP version that wasnt said on this forum. id really like someone to test it before we all praise it. can 2 wheels handle so much HP?
  7. Even at 1000 hp the car has incredable hook up, at speeds over 40 mph the downforce avaialble, with the incredable grip of Pilot sprt 2s, it has unblievable grip
  8. Just take a look at this car... how can someone think America in incapable of producing supercars?
  9. theres no doubt it hooks up well with that amount of downforce and i guess its brilliant in trained hands, but is it safe with more novice drivers with such power? [its a pretty stupid question now that i think about it]
  10. I believe the S7 is a great car and will fare well on the show. With it's performance figures i have little doubt

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