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    Hey all, none of you probably remember me but I'm a long time lurker of this site, I come here nearly every day but rarely post. Been here since 2001. Anywho now that I've commanded respect I need opinions on a site I created and need to know whether its funny or not.

    The site is called Said It On YouTube ( http://saiditonyoutube.com

    Basically its a site where people can post and vote on the funniest youtube comments they see. When you see a funny comment/video just click "Like" and the overtime the best comments appear in the "Top Comments" section. You can also add comments by click the "submit comments" link above. It's very easy to add comments, click the question mark if you need help.

    So honest opinions are welcome, call me a #%$got, tear it apart for all I care. I just need real opinions from non biased people (aka friends)

    Yes this is an fmylife copy but so what.
  2. You should get with iDoL, he can give you tips on how to copy another site's idea and fail miserably at it.
  3. Isn't there alreadya website for funny youtube comments
    Called youtube
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  5. whoa dude your names M360 and u have 360 posts

    whoooaaaaaa mannnn

    *tends aquarium*
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  7. That's true however the most upvoted comments always disappear overtime, there's no permanent record anywhere on the web. I guess you could say we fill that void.

    I also noticed I had 360 posts. Trippy
  8. the comments on that website aren't that great
    they're kinda shit
    kinda shit website
    rather just be on youtube
  9. Guys, stop chasing off the new/returning members. It doesn't matter how shitty the linked site is - lie until we can be certain he'll stick around. Then you can tell him what you really think.
  10. Doesn't work.

    We're both still here
  11. If some mark zuckerburg bloke came here in like 2003 and said "i have an idea for a site where people load their pictures and personal information on the web for others to see blah blah" im pretty sure a load of sarky comments about it being shitty and copying myspace etc would have been made by the basement dwellers and auto parts store workers of this site.

  12. 2/10

    would not #$%#
  13. it's called 9gag
  14. srsly I wouldn't come here for such advice
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    Ok thanks for your comments,

    In my defense the comments posted are actually quite funny if you go through them.

    Also a bunch of you spent quite of bit of time surfing around going through several pages so jokes on you suckaaaass

    Thanks for your link SupraMan I will gladly check it out right now www... Oohhh my goodddd
  16. I'm pretty sure if Supercars.net was around in 1971, and Kenneth Brock came here and posted "I have an idea for extending the range of civilian aircraft, turn the passenger seat into an extra gas tank!" we would of shot him all down with sarky comments and NB would of pointed out that gasoline can ignite and with no shield between the passenger and this extra-gas-tank-seat, death would be immediate. Then maybe the world would not had to have to suffer from his terrible invention coming to light.
  17. Someone make one about the invention of the light switch
  18. *dimmer switch
  19. prolly as false as these iphone imessage screenshots with random fake conversations

    yeah I knew it
  20. shut up who even
  21. every single room in my house has a dimmer switch
  22. nothing on that site is entertaining and the layout is weird
  23. I don't get why anyone would bother reading this site but not post. Like, really?
  24. i didnt even clickc who even gives a

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