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  1. A what? Why did you hit post without finishing your thought?
  2. His thoughts arent worh shit anywya
  3. pretty much everything is out of context and doesn't make sense
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  6. lol
  7. dont open your mouth to me you filthy trash chavginger unless you want a 17 round glock shoved in it and your brains sprayed all over the wall like some ghetto boy saggy pants
  8. There exists several small sites that have pictures of Youtube comments, the whole point of ours is that people can easily add theirs without taking any screenshots, modifying sizes and shit, it literally takes 10 seconds to add a comment and have the associated video up on our site.

  9. if you let other, unfunny people add their own the whole site will just be shit(ter)
  10. Not really, the voting system will ensure only the funniest comments go to the top overtime
  11. have you ever read any YouTube comments?
  12. Most youtube comments are about how much cock justin bieber sucks
  13. This shitty site (scnet) makes a certain amount of money each week for little to no effort
    Anything is possible
  14. the problem with posting the video is that other people will add comments (or delete them) and maybe the one you were posting could be gone or on another page. that's why the other one is screen shots and not links.
  15. Most Youtube comments are shit. No one really likes reading them.

    CR has a MetroPCS phone so she gets random texts from "urban youths" that are consistently funny and she started a repository for those.
  16. thats me
    im texting her

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