A timeless classic.

Discussion in '1981 DeLorean DMC-12' started by Xbox man, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. I've seen one of htese on the Road when I was one the Interstate in Oklahoma on the my Way to New Hampshire. It was soooo Awesome. But I think they should have used a V8 not some Stupid V6
  2. They didn't have whole lot of options. The story of this car's creation demonstrates just how badly the process can go. There is a factory turbo kit for it though that makes it quick for its era.
  3. I wish everyone would stop worrying about speed. This car is a shining example that not ALL cars have to make a 10 second pass to have importance or value. Some people don't need gobs and gobs of horsepower to enjoy driving. I have driven an F-body with about 400BHP and it was fast, yes. But I'd rather drive my dad's BMW 335i any day, even though it's about 100BHP short of that Trans Am. Shit, I'd rather drive my 240SX with 160BHP (it will have a LOT more than that one day [about 700RWHP])!

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