A Unique Mustang Vs. Corvette comparison

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  1. You know what one undeniable truth is regarding corvette vs. mustang:

    If you were to ask any fine woman anywhere if she would rather cruise in a Mustang or a Vette, you will find that the overwhelming vast majority would take the Vette. It's almost a written rule (if there ever was one) that they like guys with Vettes. Chicks don't like Mustangs. They're for young dudes trying to make a statement. Vettes are reserved for the more sophisticated man who has style and money.
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    Whatever the hell was the piont of that load of shit?
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    Ok moron? Maybe you should just stick to building little lego cars instead of making stupid topics like this.
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    It is true.

    However not solely for the reason he brings forth, a large part of the reason is also because women generally dig older men.
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    i agree with all of you and want to add, vettes are more expensive. women are materialistic. nuff said.
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    What women dig older men? Maybe when you're in 4th grade and all the girls wanted to date 6th graders, but after that...no. I have yet to hear of any women over 20 wanting an older man (and by older I mean by at least 5 years).
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    well FORDBOSS429.....I posted it so someone like you (a mustang fan) would become angered by it because you know it's true, and reply what you posted. thanks for being there for me, and for proving my point.
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    Proving what point? That you have no clue as to what you are talking about?
    All I have to say to a woman is that I own a mustang and all of a sudden I get "Can I get ride in it", "Oh wow, you have a mustang, is it a gt", etc...
    Maybe you should stop being a moron.
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    Wow this man is a dickhead!
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    But see, hookers and cougars don't distinguish the difference between ryce and the real thing.

    BTW - in my experience the only women who aren't interested in older men are Cougars, and they are just looking for a good f*ck buddy, so of course they are going to go after younger men.
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    What are you talking about, cougars? Please explain.
    And the only women that want older men are very young women, like still in grade school, middle school and maybe some in high school. So I'm guessing by your "experience" you must be in high school or younger. Or you're 18 and hitting on third graders, either way its not right.
    Unless the women is a gold digger looking for money only (Anna Nicole Smith) they will not want an older man.
    Some of you people are such idiots.
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    Haven't you ever heard the term cougar? I'll give you a hint: the divorced mother of three who gave you "the gift that keeps on giving" (an STD if you've never heard that expression before) the one and only time you've ever given face, was a cougar.

    One example: my boss for the forest contracting company I was working for last summer had his 40th birthday while we were out of the province on a 4,000 hectare fire (at times it was rank 6). His fiancee (who worked in the field with us) was 27, and they have a very healthy relationship. Both are very nice people and are ready to have a fun time (he threw a keg party when we got back home and when he paid us he gave us all a $500 bonus just because we were away from home for so long).

    Other examples: in the last year I've had three relationships - 2 of them were women younger than me (18, and 20), the other was a year older than me (23).

    One more example: one of my fellow crewmembers was 20 and was sleeping with a 16 year old (I consider this to be not right), however they have been seeing each other for about 2 years, and supposedly are going to get married when she is 17.

    Yet another example: my father is 6 years older than my mother.

    In virtually all lasting relationships I can think of, the male is several years older than the female.

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    From what I know women want men a little older because they are more mature. Also a guy who is older probebly makes a little bit more money becaue he has been working longer, but that has nothing to do with mustangs and corvettes. In fact what ever first statment about the girl picking a vette over a stang is total bull. You have nothing to backt that up with. Infact as far as most girls i know, they don't know shit about cars and probebly think that a stock gt could beat a vette any day. Second of all, there have been so many production mustangs that are better then vettes. Oh and on a final note on people owning a vette, mostly people with vettes don't seem to race. They are either to worried about denting their over priced pos car or are afraid to lose in it to someone who spent much less on a cobra, maybe slightly moded, or the 03 cobra svt which can beat the crap out of your vette now. As far as i'm conserned people with who own vettes due it as an extension to their package. Cause we all know that a camaro/firebird is a cheaper vette which were actually were robbed of horse power so that the vette would seem better. What the hell is the deal with producing the same ****ing car with a different body style? SS, WS6 and C5 all use the same parts!!!! So even comparing an ss or a ws6 to a stang is like comparing a vette to stang it's dumb and no wonder 2/3 of the f bodies were stopped being produced
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    Ahhhh, I smashed a 02 Black Vette six speed with 123 3 women in my car partner. At the next light, the chick in the passeger seat of the vette said nice f@$king car, her man slapped her in the face. Gets better, one of my chicks got out punched the dude in his Oakleys his girl got out and rode with me to the track! True story all done a about 700lbs heavier and without a K&N filter. SAE dyno 394 to rear wheels. Went to Route 66 in Joliet IL ran a 12.5. Another Vette mustered a 13. Now What.
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    What makes you think he's lying? It's fully feasible, a lighter car will easily do the 1/4 mile faster if it only has slightly less power (remember the WRX vs. Mustang debate?, the WRX has considerably less power, yet the WRX - generic, not boosted - does the 1/4 as fast as or faster than the GT and the 1999 SVT Cobra while the STI can match the 2001, possibly 2003 SVT Cobra - have yet to see 1/4 times of the STI and the SVT, but if 0-100 is at all indicative as it is with the WRX vs. GT, then it can). And I've seen women do that, so don't go saying they put up with women getting slapped.

    Question: r u sexist? or do you just believe a woman should be spoken to and not heard<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
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    That is not a fully feasible story idiot. The wrx is slower then the GT, and the STI is not as fast as the 2003 cobra, please understand this, you're a tool and I'm getting tired of your bullshit.
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    Wow, quick recap of another topic: WRX 0-100km/h - 5.4, Mustang GT - 5.6, STI - 4.5, 2003 Cobra - 4.5. Now, where did you get the idea the GT is faster than the WRX, or the Cobra than the STI?

    Just because Motor Trend gets a slower time, it doesn't mean that's the fastest possible time for a car, on countless occasions the STI has done 0-100 in 4.5, and the WRX has done 0-100 in 5.4. Hell, in your own words, the time you've given for the GT has been slower than the time you gave for the WRX, why are you going back on what you said now? Aww, are you too afraid to admit a better designed Japanese car is faster? that's so childish, grow up.

    I've provided countless sources that agree with everything I say, whereas you?.......yeah, that's what I thought. You're the one spouting bullshit, I'm the one spouting facts you can't bear to admit, despite all the evidence.
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    I've seen that happen before too.
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    ummm....maybe it's just me, but the WRX is not exactly a JAP car. regardless of what so-called facts you bring to the table, you're spouting numbers about a WRX that will never see the light of day on these shores. if American car companies had the benefit of designing their cars for overseas regulations, i'm sure many of these AUSTRALIAN cars that you've dreamed of butt-#$%#ing up the tailpipes would be toasted. as it is, however, the WRX that exists here CANNOT beat an '03 Cobra...nor can the STI that will appear in the states. what motor trend drove had about the same stats as the true STI, yet it only mustered a 5.6 or 5.7 0-60....the only reason we say 5.3 is because they said the conditions were a little hindering, but with a good track and weather, it would be a 5.3sec car. you think motor trend can't drive? i would love to see you walk into their offices and challenge one of their drivers to a race of any kind. you just don't know how much i would pay to see you walking out of the office holding your ass up in both arms. you may also want to note that if you dog a little TURBOCHARGED (where you got the dumb ass idea that it was a NA engine befuddles me) I4 too damn much to provide these numbers that you're claiming, you won't have an operable engine for too long. I4s CANNOT handle the beating and bruising that the V8 can. live with it. you want to look at reliability to prove me worng? i'm sure that's your next comeback, so let's explore it....ALL polls done using actual owner's experience on reliability (which is pretty much all that i can think of) has one simple problem: most honda, acura, EVEN SUBARU (yeah, the Australian one, ding-bat) owners drive their cars....CONSERVATIVELY! most of these drivers put the mileage on the cars going to and from work. they, by contrast of American muscle car owners, don't take their cars to the track every weekend or burn rubber off of every redlight they can find. yes, even your typical S2000 and WRX owners don't dog their cars as much as a Mustang or Camaro owner. thus, you're bound to have far more problems with a car when it's been treated badly. it doesn't mean your imports are superior. it only means that 98.7% of these import owners drive accords to work and worry about gas mileage while doing so. four cylinders are good cars. but not for racing. the only advantage they have over American cars is weight. if cost weren't such a big deal, American cars would definately be lighter. a WRX is a great car as is the S2000...i love them both. but, let's be real here.....they're not made for flat-out racing. if you like to go rallying (where, i don't know), buy the WRX....you like crusing town with the top down and think you may need power occasionally to fend off the Mustang or Camaro beside you at the light....buy the S2000....you want a good daily driver that can be a serious competitor every weekend at the track....there's no better deal than the '03 Cobra. all these cars have their good points, but you're just one helluva big ass clown to think that, at the track, a WRX or S2000 would beat an '03 Cobra. i got news for you....you might not want to spend the money on admission to the track...you'll be disappointed.
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    That is the biggest bullshit story i've ever heard too. So many thing wrong with that it's not even funny. Lets see first you didn't have 3 chicks in the car with you, stop trying to sound cool, next even if a women complemented you on your car I couldn't imagine someone hitting her for saying that. Hypotheticly speaking even if they did, your imaginary gf didn't get out of your car to hit the guy in his shades. [(EDITING, ADDING THIS PART IN) If she did hit him the guy would of killed her, cause lets see he hits his girl for saying something about a nice car what would he do to a girl that tried to punch him? Shit and don't pretend that he wouldn't of cause he saw you and was afraid cause then i'd laugh even more] Next I've seen so many girls get treated like shit by their bf/husband what ever and not leave. Your gonna have us belive that this chick is like o look my knight in shining armor is here let me leave my man for some stupid stranger. How much weed you smoke? Then a good driver in a vette should pull high high 12s but if he made 13 i can understand not great shifting bolder tires etc. U seem to have no mods listed on your car or even give a discription of it, I take it you drive a stang (great car and all) but unless it's an 03 svt your not running 12.5 Next who the hell is saying that a wrx is better then a gt mustang? Where did you get your stats? the gt is some tenths of a second faster but also crosses at about 5 miles per hour faster then a wrx. Don't know shit about the sti or what ever it was so i'm not gonna coment on that till later. Next how in the world did a wrx become n/a? Its got a turbo, shit if you can find me a stock wrx with out a turbo from a dealership i'll send you a $500 check. it won't happen though cause those don't exist anyways most of you need to get your facts straight before you post. And what the hell happend to this site it used to be so good now all i see is ignorent remarks made from 13 year olds that don't know shit about cars make up random stories and numbers, and think people will belive them. Dang I wish I could start kicking people out there would be so much less nonesence going on right about now.
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    wow dude I don't mean to dis you but you need to get your head out of the gutter. Leaving out a lot of crap cause i already stated that your info on the gt being slower then the wrx is wack and the fact that you say the wrx is all motor, is bull giving you no credibility what so ever cause it looks like your talking out of your ass, but to continue u say that the sti is like a cobra doing the same 1/4 times even if that was true and i don't think it is but since i don't know much about the sti i'll give you the benifit of the doubt, think about it logicly........ IF THE STI CAN ONLY KEEP UP WITH A 2001 COBRA (following me so far?) HOW DOES IT KEEP UP WITH A 2003 SVT COBRA WHICH HAS 70 MORE HORSES RUNS HIGH 12S IN A 1/4 TIME? The 01 Cobra was like low 13s not 13 flat the o3svt is like 12.8 in the 1/4 there is a big big difference so besides the fact that you have no credibility as far as i'm concerned and anyone else that knows about cars and read your post, I don't see the point in your arguments.
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    Well, first off I never said that the WRX or S2000 would beat a '03 Cobra. Nor did I say the WRX was NA. And considering many other magazines have gotten 4.5 0-100 times I'd say that's good evidence that Motor Trend must have done poorly. There is no Australian branch of Subaru (though there is an Australian version of the STI - which is not as fast as the JDM STI). And why don't you actually check out consumer reports (the ratings given by the actual owner's of the cars, both those who drive their cars conservatively, and for performance, just look at the SCCA - dominated by the Prodrive 'Rally prepped' WRX, not the SVT Focus - which is far harsher punishment on a car than the track, and there are many others who race their Subaru's, Honda's, etc. so don't even try to claim that the mileage is put on by trips between home and work) than make up your own ratings. You are seriously behind the times big guy, I see more American cars at home on the weekends (and particularly in the winter) than Imported cars. And if you actually did a little research, you'd find that the Head CEO of Dodge himself has openly admitted that they have far less quality control than say Toyota (the example he used) and as a result, Dodge (and their subsidiaries) vehicles have a lower ratio of well constructed cars, and he also said the same goes for all other american manufacturers. As performance vs. price, sure there are few better deals (though there are some....Lotus 340R comes to mind, all performance, low price - $18,000 usd...used of course) than the 03' Cobra, but as Performance/Utility/practicality/comfort/crash safety/and all-around car vs. price, there are a great deal of cars that are a better deal than the '03 Cobra. I already know the WRX and S2000 would be beat at the track, never did I say otherwise, but then, an STI would provide a challenge in acceleration, and dominate in handling, geeze - it's like comparing the Mustang GT to the 03' Cobra, why don't you compare the GT to the WRX and the STI to the '03 Cobra?

    Oh, and the STI we're getting here will have 300hp and 300lbft torque which are both considerably higher than all past STI's, so don't go thinking the STI in MotorTrend (which wasn't nearly as high performance as the current STI) is at all representative of what the STI is capable of.
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    i don't know what country you're from, but the states are not getting any 300hp STI. find me the quote that says that and i'm sold. but, you can't and thus, you're full of shit again. as for consumer reports...cars rated by their owners...my man, when was the last time you knew a WRX owner that went "rallying"? where is it that they go "rallying"? please tell me because the only WRX's that get "rallyed" have parts replaced after every race and are certainly not sitting in anyone's garage a home. wanna enlighten me?

    ps: the lotus elise that you speak so highly of...let's address that briefly, shall we? just so you know, i have a friend that was intereted in owning one based on it's great price and wonderful performance...however, he was unable to find ANY insurance company that had ever heard of the car...much less that was willing to insure it. so, my guess is that even if you found someone that would, the premiums would certainly make up for the money you saved in cost....EVERY YEAR!
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    Re: A Unique Mustang Vs. Corvette comparison

    It's the 2004 STI which will be released in North America this summer, here's a link where you can read all about it http://impreza.subaru.com/microsites/impreza/wrxsti/wrxsti.jsp there, you sold now?

    If you have this month's Car and Driver, you can read a brief mention of it on page 25 under the "The Legacy Gets a Little Screamer" article.

    Um, how about the SCCA ProRally? the Impreza's are pretty much stock aside from Suspension, skidplate, rollcage, and a few small mods making them as powerful as the 2.0 liter STI. Or, the Canadian Rally Championship?, Where the Cars are completely stock aside from the required skidplate, suspension, and rollcage, and still have the stock WRX power. Or how about any WCRA rally (the association whose events I rally in, in every single race I've been in, 40% or more were Stock WRX's). And then there are the people who go and drive their WRX's rally style on their own time.... The car is not marketed for those drivers who are meek at heart. If you don't believe me, check out www.rallybc.com , the WRX comes "out of the box" rally ready, very few changes need to be made, hell, if one wants to go really cheap, they can compete and do quite well with just the rollcage.

    You live in a small small world if you think people don't drive their WRX's hard.

    Well, considering 83 of the 340 Lotus Elise 340R's made are in North America, and being driven legally on a daily basis, then there's the normal Elise, of which there are many more in North America that are insured and driven on a daily basis, I think you're FOS with your story. Anyway, the point is not to save money, the point is performance to the extreme, at a lower purchase cost than anything else that can even compare in performance, and there's virtually nothing that can compare in handling.

    BTW - unlike you commercialized F@CKS, we don't have insurance premiums, we have a specific rate for different value cars, and we get a discount based on our safe driving record (as much as 40%), so the insurance for a 340R would not be any higher than the Cobra R, here in good ol' BC, Canada, where our two Insurance corporations are run as a government branch (ICBC), or associations regulated by the government (BCAA).
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    again...you've missed the point nimrod. i'm well aware that many people like to drive their WRX's hard. and i never siad it was a bad car...quite nice actually. however, my point is the MAJORITY of the people who own them DO NOT RALLY THEM! that would equate to about 75% of the people who own them don't go to rally tracks to run them every weekend. also...i never said they required mods. i said after each race, those who race them professionally get damaged and worn parts replaced after every race. i've been around racing long enough to know how it works. by the way, we get good driver dicounts here in the states too...as much as...you guessed it, 40%. i should know, i have it. our insurance, however, is no subsidary of our government. i'm sure some comapnies here will insure the elise. but, i would say 70% or so have never heard of it and those who will insure it will only do it at a steep price. you want my friend's name and number? i'm sure he won't mind if you can find someone to insure him around here. he seriously wants one. he also seriously can't find any company that will do it. oh, and back to subaru not being austrailian...are you also going to tell me that volkswagon isn't a german car? are you going to tell me that it's a mexican car? i mean c'mon...most jap cars sold in our market are made here now...in the US! that doesn't make honda an american car company. read over what i said and try to actually COMPREHEND what i said rather than take bits and pieces out of context to make up an invalid point. no one is dissing the WRX. i love it. but people like you are just ass holes...you side with one car or one company rather than having any fair appreciation for what other companies bring to the table. get over it.

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