A V8 would be better

Discussion in '1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GTX Ram Air' started by FeLiX93, Aug 10, 2002.

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    It would have to be a pretty small V-8!
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    Drop an LS1 in their and a supercharger and you have the ultimate sleeper.
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    Of course a v8 would run better but you are a dumb ass chevy lover and havent figured out a v8 has two more cylinders and 25% more power drrrrrrrr.
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    I am totally for the V8 in the GPGT.. I remeber when I was younger and i saw the side of them I saw something like 3800 V6 and I was like.. Man that deserves a LS1.. It has so much potential being a bigger (could be muscle car), that could compete with say the now-a-day marauder and such.. Totally want to see it with a V8... As for
    95BossStang.. may God have mercy on your soul with a comment like that..
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    haha i love ur signature
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    Forget the V8. Turbo that sucker put the output to about 320 and get rid of the stupid governor. THAT would be a sexy setup.
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    No need for a turbo...just get a GTP with a supercharger. With the GTX you get ram air, K&N cold air intake, SLP exhaust and if you add a 3.4" pulley you'll be around 300hp. Than just do a little bit in terms of cams, rockers, port and polish or whatnot and you'll def get a lot more than 300hp. Even a boost control. There's no real need for a V8, but I do agree that would be awesome. But it would be a small V8 sadly.
  8. Hey guys got a ? for any one that would know the answer how much stuff do i need to change and what do i need to all do to put a 3800v6 in to my 2000 chevy caviler z24 it had the 2.4 but after blowin 2 in 4 months i want to put something different in and i was woundering what i need to do to put the 3.8 in if someone can help my out that would be nice.

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