a very dirty 350Z

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  1. looks actually kinda cool that way
  2. why because its dirty that just means that it gets used alot. my cars dirty all the time.
  3. How is it exotic? It certainly isnt exotic performance wise. As for the for it being rare...HA! Its a wonderful car but its not exotic.
  4. wat do u mean not exotic that car is even hotter that ana cornykova man pls get a LIFE
  5. can't drive it without giving it a bath first. the front and rear wind shields are all covered up
  6. tell u wat get a tissue and just wipe a small peek hole for u to see thru the windshield and go on the highway and hit the acclerator!!!! TADA ull have a free polish and a clean car for free thats how fats this baby car ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. 31k
  8. A GM cookie-cutter coupe with dinosaur suspension should not be mentioned in the same sentence as the 350Z.
  9. As opposed to the 350z which is related to a SUV.
  10. why not i'm pretty sure the trans am would be more than an equal match for the Z. or is that what upsets you.
  11. wat the hell u talkin abt?????
    how are u comparing a SUV to a class 2 car!!!!
    its like askin wats faster an evo or a corolla (no offence corolla racer)
  12. Nevertheless, both cars are different.
  13. More than an equal match in places only where it suits live axle cars best, you would be right.

  14. A gear grinding, oil leaking, poorly painted pseudo-sports car like the 350Z should not be mentioned in the same sentence as the Firebird.

    I like how the F-body has dinosaur suspension while the 350Z is built on the same platform as an SUV and it shows on the race track.

    Car & Driver on the G35 - April 2003
    "Pushed to the limit on the track, the G35 ultimately overloads its front tires, as does the 350Z, limiting its corner exit speeds. And under the massive loads of combined cornering and acceleration, the notchy gearbox feels even more stubborn"

    Car & Driver on the Mustang Cobra - April 2003
    "It easily turned the quickest lap time at the Streets of Willow road-racing circuit in Southern California, owing to the balanced way it was able to apply its superb power.....The chassis is so well calibrated for tail-out driving that you can use your right foot to control the car's attitude with micrometer precision."

    Don’t go giving me this “real world, and if you drove” bullshit because that’s just your text book cop out when you can’t find any facts to support your ridiculous rice boy fantasies.

    The reality is while you like to throw some fancy words around you're nothing more than just another dumbass JDM fanboy who gets pissed off because the latest overated product from Japan gets out performed by an American car.

  15. Streets of Willow track is nothing but 5 mild sweeping bends out of 9 corners in total, and 1 90 degree corner. High speed, mild bends mean you can even run with no suspension at all, let alone a live axle.

    I've already responded to another member, that only in places where it suits it, live axle is equal to IRS, no real difference with the non-pro club racer.

  16. u got a z aswell?
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  18. Well your first statment was pretty broad and stupid the fact is the trans am is a very good match for the 350Z. acceleration, cornering, braking, are all superior or close to par with the car.
  19. Wrong...
    It's not 350Z used SUV platform.
    It's Murano and FX45 used the FM package platform which was original being used on G35.

    THe Dumb King.

  20. Of course the statement is broad. It is well established fact that IRS is superior to live axle for normal driving and circuit racing. The 350Z just can't prove that on race tracks that don't demand much from suspension.

  21. that explained it a bit better for me but i still think your not giving the pontiac a fair evaluation i bet the trans am would do better than your giving it credit for, against the Z on a tight course. either way it would be a hell of a race.
  22. it almost looks like a r!cers paint job. lol

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