A Williams M6 vs Mclaren Merc SLR....Why not?

Discussion in '2006 BMW M6' started by f1man, Dec 19, 2004.

  1. If Mclaren and Mercededs did it with the SLR why not make a Williams bmw //M6? Take out the limiter, make it look a bit more "unique" and you got yourself an awesome car of amazing performance and looks. What's against it?
  2. fu-c-king idiot!
  3. M6 is around 100K. The SLR is around 400K
  4. why not? maybe because there is no point, if they wanted it faster they would have made it faster, even though this car sux ur thughts are speratic
  5. ahh, the indies.

    well there are a few differences in those two philosophies- the SLR McLaren was a ground up design (although i'd bet the M6, or at least the M6 CSL when it comes out will be a better performer anyway)- it's not related the SL class mechanically, it's a composite space frame.

    Although, the thought of a williams M6 is intriguing.

    How about:

    enlarged V10 to 5.4 or 5.5L. target power output: 560bhp, 400lb-ft. target dynamics: more rev-happy, high horsepower and torque peaks, higher redline. More "F1-ish". This would be a great selling point, and frankly with a track car no one cares if the torque peak speed is astronomically high- you're winding it out anyway.

    removal of rear seats, fitment of standard cage- stiffens chassis, etc.

    upgraded brakes (for the love of god!) maybe some 15" 8 piston caliper ceramic composite deals, real expensive effective race-derived stuff

    and reduced amounts of stability control crap, that'd be good.

    hmm... it's got potential!
  6. lmao...M6 CSL woop on SLR? cmooon, give mercedes some credit. personally, im waiting on the new supercars from honda and toyota to see how they stack up against the euros ( im a big time euro fan )
  7. your waiting for SUPERCARS from honda and toyota do they even make supercars hondas with stock turbos arent supercars my friend
  8. im pretty sure he was refering to the replacements for the nsx and the supra, which now with the japanese manufacturors agreement for 280bhp dropped, should have upwards of 400bhp, alot should be expected of them, seeing as the nsx wasnt slow! all be it not in slr terattory i would expect the new nsx to match the m6
  9. Just look at Lexus and Subarus recent concepts boasting 400 hp, even if Lexus was a hybrid, I'm pretty sure we'll see that design on some production car in the (not so distant) future.
  10. I don't think that this performance luxury crossover is relative to the SLR at all...
  11. um..a super M6! cool

    but becuase BMW arnt turbo or supercharger fans it would be hard getting even more power from that engine. i think Williams would do a good job with the handeling and taking alot of weight off the car.

    i say with the 6 series u get too many probs.

    Lets say they make a new 8 series!!
    Hows this a Williams 8 series!! omg now that would take on the SLR.
  12. D-oh.

    The SLR is a custom built carbon fibre chassis/panel supercar and the M6 is a pretty solid son-of-a-beast Grand Touring four seater.

    If Williams and BMW did get together on a new N/A supercar it would be a whole new model design and would have to have a 6 litre V-12 to hit the required HP and torque values to be competitve with Enzos and SLRs.
  13. Um ever heard of the Honda HSC.
    And ever heard of the new Toyota F1 Celebration supercar. Its been spied on the ring being tested in black mesh, and spies report the distinct sound of a V10, toyota confirmed it was to celebrate Toyotas involvement in F1.

    To the Idiot who says there should be a Williams M6 or something.

    Okay, let me tell you something. McLaren makes road cars (McLaren F1???, and help with the SLR) and is owned by Mercedes, they are in F1 as well, they used to be Red and White until Merc bought them and restructured the team. McLaren is under Mercedes and pursues both F1 and road cars in conjunction with Mercedes.

    Williams, on the other hand, is owned by Frank Williams (ring a $*&^ing bell) it has a deal with BMW for engines and such (which allows them to paste BMW on the F1 car) Because this is the only link, and WIlliams is not part of BMW, a Williams developed road car with a BMW badge on it is about as likely as the moon exploding.
  14. Buy a Mercedes SL55 AMG...
    Sorry, but not cheaper!!!!
  15. the replacements for the NSX and Supra still wont be supercars
  16. what the piss are you talking about
  17. car companies don't really make that much from these low-volume supercar sales, perhaps BMW is financially shrewd to stay out of such a niche?
  18. Stupid comparison
  19. Stupid comparison
  20. Ok. It's a lil unfair comparing a V10 with a V8. But in situations like this, will SLR become victorious!

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