A7 - First official pics

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by dani san, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. low res for now
  2. #$%#ing awesome!
  3. not bad, not great either.
  4. Its just a slightly bigger A5 sportback.
  5. too many models
  6. Looks weak and old compared the new CLS
  7. the big, expensive models need to look less like the cheap models.
  8. I fail to see the point of this car.
  9. thats how i thought about the 5series gt as well, but apparently lots of people buy them.
  10. I doubt that, ive only seen maybe 20 on the streets.
  11. same here, but that's more than the cls in the same time period.
  12. looks a LOT better than the 5 Series GT.

    I like it.
  13. It's for people that can't afford a Panamera.
  14. I see CLS everywhere
  16. BMW should really discontinue that car. It's awful looking.
  17. exactly, it looks completely the same wtf
  18. looks nice
  20. I am bored
  21. meh. what is it?
    what's the point of it?
  22. Huge nav screen is huge
  23. Starting to stagnate in the design department. Deja vu a la BMW

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