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  1. What a rip!! A piddly 56 hp per liter V10, that gets 12/21 mpg!! The 6-cylinder Porsche 911 turbo gets a scorching 3.6 seconds 0-60, and the Viper gets, what, 4.6? Puh-leez!!
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    I agree with you the viper has one of the largest engines in the car industry and it dosent do much with it. 488 foot lbs of tourqe and 415 horse power and it can only muster a 4.6 0-60 time. The porsche now they know how to enginer a car.
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    here's a nifty lil pic
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    First of all that wasent the turbo until a production viper even the gts-r could beat the turbo then come back and talk to me
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    Wow that's pretty good for this porsche only 300hp and came seventh please do you know that if this porsche was seventh the turbo would beat the Viper and a lot of other cars

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