AAhhh Only Italian :)

Discussion in '1993 BMW Nazca C2' started by UndefinedSpeed, Oct 31, 2002.

  1. Beautiful...I didn't even look at the specs...if there is any heh.
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    Very true because it is Italian it is very beutiful. But because it is italian i would expect more power, V12 pumping out only 380hp, ive seen civics put that much power out. I saw the road test specs and there respectable but still more power woudlet hurt.
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    Nice signature
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    lambo please take a look at the acceleration...why would you need more power, this is not only a gorgeous car but DEVILISHLY quick, one of my all time faves, DOES NOT need any more power, its not an american muscle car its a nimble bodied car designed to not only race on a drag but out handle any motha#$%#a on the track, too much power for this really light car would be hurting it on the track, take a look at this car, you are staring at PERFECTION

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