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  1. I had thought that SHO stood for "Super High Output" but a buddy of mine said that the engine was suzuki Tuned and therefor SHO stands for "Suzuki High Output".... anyone set us straight... thanks
  2. super high output. it was designed by some japanese company, or in one or two generations just the heads. i forgot which one but i think yamaha, but that company had nothing to do with fords marketing.
  3. Yamaha completed designed the V-6 that powered the car for the first two generations. Yamaha designed the heads on the 3.4 liter V-8 that powered the 3rd generation car. Ironically the relablity issues surrounding the 3rd generation car are the heads.
  4. cool, thank you sirs.
  5. For the 3rd I though Cosworth designed them, or was that the engine block? Or did Cosworth manufacture them.
  6. the block is a duratec block, the same found in the SVT contour, taurus, 6, vanquish, etc. i do believe cosworth did have a hand in designing it.
  7. Cosworth didn't do anything with the Duratec, Ford developed it in house with some out sourcing to Porsche. The orginial 2.5 liter Duratec V-6 made around 250-260hp when Ford got it back from Porsche but then Ford turned around and stuck different heads and way less cam and the production engine would make 164hp.

    Later Cosworth would fuse two 3.0 Duratec blocks together and cast the Astin Martin V-12 out of it.
  8. Was it ever released how much duration and lift those cams originally had?
  9. if you're looking into aftermarket cams, new ones just became available for the SHO. they have stock, "+20" and "+40" cams, and have dynod the stock and +20 so far. anyways if you wanted some decent starting numbers to look at you could look at lift, duration, etc on them.

    btw, the +20 cams made over 20 whp more than stock, without tuning at 16:1 A/F. check out shonutperformance.com for cam specs.
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  11. can you use CSVT cams too?
  12. The Cat Cams and CSVT cams, but the CSVT cams are ultra rare to come by. The Cat Cams sets run $1,500.
  13. are they near the same specs? or are the cats better?

    EDIT: and wow, 1500 even puts the cams sold for the SHO to shame, being like 600 after core.
  14. Nearly all late model Duratecs carry the same cams.

    Green stripe cams - Found in Taurus, Sable, Mazda6, LS, Jag - Basic economy cam.

    Orange stripe cams - Found in MPV, Escape and Tribute - Almost the same cam, little different grind to allow for more low end torque for towing applications.

    Yellow stripe cams - Found in SVT Contour - Same lift as the green, but slightly longer duration that allows it draw out a long, flat torque band and horsepower climbs from 5,000 till it runs out of breath.

    When I see people like Buckshot Motorsports finding a ceiling at 400 FWHP (Blown CSVT), I know it's the factory cams holding it back. The Cat Cams are insanely better, higher lift, longer duration. Switch up to the ST220 (Mondeo) valvesprings, even though the rate is only marginally better, and just flog that engine.
  15. I'm not sure. But as I understand it the heads were completely different.
  16. Last time I priced them the SVT cams are $200 each from the Ford dealer so you're looking at $800 for the set.
  17. Last time I priced them the SVT cams are $200 each from the Ford dealer so you're looking at $800 for the set.
  18. supposedly high output
  19. considering it was the second fastest 4 door sold at the time it was made, at the heels of a car that costed 2 1/2 tims as much (M5), id say it was.

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