ABT Sportsline tuning program for Volkswagen Eos

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  1. Abt Eos. An outstanding convertible
    The Volkswagen Eos recommends itself as a vehicle with the overall impression of a sporty and elegant 4-seater. However, Abt Sportsline makes the Eos even sportier, more elegant and more powerful. The Abt Eos surprises with a number of elements turning it into a sun-worshipping convertible with unmistakable character. The low front skirt gives the Eos an additional portion of aggressiveness and the side skirts ensure the continuation of the dynamical curves of the vehicle front. The rear of the Abt Eos is a real masterpiece forming a unit with the rear skirt and rear spoiler. The 4-pipe rear muffler provides the unique sound required for an unforgettable open-roof ride. Abt Sportsline offers the wheels SP and AR in the sizes 18 and 19 inch to round off the body styling kit for the Eos. The interior was also customized with an aluminium Abt gear shift knob and floor mats.

    Increased performance and even more sportiness. The Bavarian tuners have also developed various power packages for VolkswagenÂ’s new convertible. The Abt power upgrades for the 2.0 litre Turbo Diesel or the commensurate TFSI-engine turn the Eos into a pure sports car. For the Turbo-gasoline version of the engine, in particular, there are several tuning options available. The engineers with Abt Sportsline have developed various power upgrades gaining a maximum increase of 70 HP from the original 200 HP (147 kW) to mighty 270 HP (200 kW). A special highlight regarding the TFSI engine is the innovative intelligent Sport package. With iS the Eos is not only more powerful but also helps you to save money at the same time. Fuel consumption of the sleek convertible is reduced by up to four litres and it performs up to 240 HP (177 kW) depending on the fuel quality used. A power boost from 140 HP (103 kW) to powerful 170 HP (125 kW) is available for the Diesel engine.

    With the Abt Eos the Bavarian Volkswagen tuners have created an overall elegant and dynamical car offering sheer driving pleasure.

    Text and photos: ABT Sportsline
  2. Again, no thanks
  3. this is growing on me!
    would like to have a black/tan one please
  4. yeah its a sweet car. are they FWD?
  5. better than the JE one
  6. FWD, yes
  7. i've seen a few of these EOS things around.. they look nice

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