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    AC have started a campaign running the motto: "stop the copy"
    were they scrap loads of wheels in there on-going legal battle against manufactures of illegal copies...

    Image losses due to poor quality, and economic losses for the world-wide AC Schnitzer dealership organisation amounting to millions, are only two important reasons why AC Schnitzer is taking firm action against product piracy.

    The wheel copies which mainly come from Asia have in some cases been seized by Customs and in others discovered by particularly vigilant customers. Now that all cases of counterfeiting so far discovered have been processed, we have been able to record our first successes in the fight against these companies by the effect of temporary injunctions until legally enforceable judgements have been obtained against the product pirates.

    In the second step now the wheels have been destroyed.

    Here we received active support from the international specialist company in scrap and metal recycling, WERTZ Handelsges. mbH & Co. KG, which - like AC Schnitzer Tuning - is also based in Aachen. With their powerful cranes and a 1000 t scrap shears, the wheel copies were destroyed by an experienced team and sent for recycling.

    We will continue the fight against all product counterfeiters and hence make an active contribution to customer safety. When the customer buys AC Schnitzer products, he rightly expects high quality, extensively tested special products which are guaranteed exclusive AC Schnitzer Original Parts.

    AC Schnitzer Tuning recommends high performance tyres from Continental and Michelin.
  2. sorry for the copy of thread
  3. stop the copy
  4. i was waiting for that lol
  5. There current wheel line-up is shit anyway. Who would want to copy that?
  6. Yeah, but AC Schnitzer kinda sucks.

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