Accord Coupe & Sedan, Driven

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  2. Lexus / Scion look to the front. Slight G35 kinda in the rear. This car does nothing for me, and the current one is miles better looking.
  3. MASSIVE step backwards styling wise
  4. Agreed
  5. I actually like it better than the previous but not better than two generations ago. Sad to see it get so fat though.
  7. Coupe is hideous. Sedan looks pretty good, IMO. Some proportions are skewed, but what do you expect with Honda?
  8. Ergh, bring on the new Mazda 6.
  9. One word: Ugly!
  10. Coupe is too much looking like it's from a video game/built from Legos.
  11. This car is a barge.
  12. if the current Accord wasn't the most boring and lifeless Accord in recent history.

    Anything would be better. This is a small amount better.
  13. The coupe looks like a BMW from the fenders back but the front looks like typical akward Japanese styling
  14. In other words:

    The coupe looks like shit.

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