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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Bugs' started by 2009059, Dec 13, 2004.

  1. Hi guys..just wondering how do yu get 'karma' in the account manager??

  2. by visiting this site less
  3. Send me 24 bucks and I'll tell you/give you 100 karma points.
  4. i will make you a better deal, send me 25 bucks and i will tell how or when you can get it
  5. hahhaha now really..wat is it for?
  6. When you get 0 you die.
  7. Omg.. I'm not going to explain it anymore. Are you a 2nd/3rd/4th account of 2fast4me?
  8. no...this is my first account ...and for pinin, i am at 0.
  9. You don't have very long... Go smash up a police station while you still have time!
  10. Ok, Karma was some kind of an OMG-YOU-MADE-A-COOL-THREAD reward back in V2 of these forums. We're currently in V3. In V2 members could give and take away Karma for threads, and the result was stored on the name of the thread creator. Nowadays there's no Karma anymore, but the amount of Karma of the members active in V2 were stored for if Karma will be reintroduced eventually.

    It had it's pros and cons.
  11. uses a Karma system in order to keep track of member posting behaviours. We also grant the privilege of rating other people's topics based on your own karma value. Karma values are only positive and never go into the negative unless a moderator has done so.

    Why is Karma important?

    Karma helps keep the quality of posting high and also adds accountability to your threads. When you have Positive (100) Karma, you are able to rate topics, and change other people's Karma in the process.

    How do I lose Karma points?

    You lose 1 karma whenever a thread you created gets a -1 rating. If your Karma is at 0, it will not go any lower. At times, the administration of the website will also decrease a members karma at their discretion.

    How do I gain Karma points?

    You gain Karma by making interesting and thoughtful posts. People with 100 Karma can raise your Karma when they give +1 rating to a thread you created.

    How do you make sure Karma actions are fair?

    All Karma actions are now logged by the system. In the event were people group together to prematurely raise or lower Karma, all involved will lose their Karma.

  12. Umm yeah, exactly. But that belongs to the past now. No more Karma.
  13. And I don't want karma back.
  14. I honestly don't care if it returns or not. It had its pros and cons.

    - it encouraged posting articles or pictures, people were even more treasure hunting for scoops than they do now already.
    - I knew which threads were worth viewing
    - Less swearwords

    - Karmawars.. & whining for it
    - Well let's just say, abuse of the system in general
  15. oh thanks, btw lol pinin

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