Achtung! RS6 leaked.

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  1. so much for ending the horsepower wars
  2. That's kind of what I was thinking.

    Can't really see anyone wanting to pay that kind of money for a wagon.
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  4. "...with peak torque of 480lb ft (96lb ft up on the M5; 15lb ft up on the E63) arriving at just 1500rpm."

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  5. You know I love you.
  6. Till the RS6 all the RS Audi's where station wagons. And they all sold pretty well.
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  8. Thank you asshole, asshole.
  9. Haha yes, but how can you say "just as fast" when the only acceleration time you have seen is to 62mph, and that time is a estimate ?!

    I'd say that this car will be able to get under 4,5seconds to 62mph...
    as the old RS6 Plus with 480hp did 0-62 in 4,7s.

    There will be a sedan (saloon) version of this RS6!.
  10. Holy shit didnt see this one coming! An Audi estate with a ludicrous engine! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/amazed.gif"></A>
  11. Hell, I love that kind of mixture: station wagons on steroids!!
  12. Going back to roots is fun and all, but is sad if it is done to do detriment of the product (e.g. a wagon-only RS6).
  13. You'd want an Auto car that looks the same as the base model with an AMG body styling package?
  14. well done audi
  15. So this doesn't look like every other audi avant with the S line pack ?

  16. of course not.
  17. Monster Machine
    Twin-turbo V10 pushes Audi RS6 to the limit

    This story comes from the 09/10/07 issue of AutoWeek magazine

    Audi will drop a twin-turbocharged, 5.2- liter, 580-hp V10 engine under the lightweight aluminum hood of its second-generation RS6, boosting output by 145 hp over its twin-turbocharged, 4.2- liter-V8-powered predecessor.

    The new RS6 makes its public debut at the Frankfurt show; although it’s not planned for sale in the United States, sources in Germany say the car could make its way here by mid-2008.

    As tradition dictates, the 2009 RS6 gets additional visual muscle through a subtle reworking of the S6’s exterior styling. A more heavily profiled front bumper has larger cooling ducts, a revised grille boasting a brushed-aluminum frame and headlamps with bixenon lenses, halogen fog lamps and a series of LEDs nestled along their lower edges that illuminate during daytime running.

    The flanks see the most significant design change in the form of bulging wheel arches. These hark back to Audi’s legendary Quattro and house standard 19-inch wheels or optional 20-inchers.

    Widened doorsills, brushedaluminum exterior mirror housings, chrome oval tailpipes and a new rear bumper incorporating a fullwidth diffuser complete the styling makeover.

    In addition to the intercooled twin-turbo V10’s 580 hp is a peak torque figure of 480 lb-ft, arriving at just 1500 rpm. Audi says the RS6 should run from 0 to 62 mph in 4.6 seconds, 0.6 second quicker than the naturally aspirated 5.2-liter, 435-hp, 398-lb-ft V10- powered S6.

    Drive is fed through a six-speed automatic gearbox with steeringwheel- mounted shift paddles and a beefed-up version of Audi’s quattro four-wheel-drive system.

    The new powerplant gives Audi’s latest bahnstormer a 60-hp edge over the Gallardo from Audi’s supercar subsidiary, Lamborghini. That little detail will take on more direct relevance when Audi slips the monster V10 into its mid-engined Gallardobased R8 to create the RS8.
  18. It doesn't actually, because with the AMG bodykit, you can buy the EXACT same bumpers and the EXACT same wheels as the AMG cars. The S line pack is different, even if it looks fairly similar to S/RS Audis.

    And either way, Audi > MB
  19. bla bla bla fanboy bs bla bla bla

    OMG MY BRAND IS #1 !
  20. also.. that is the most amazing torque curve in the world
  21. Audi aren't my brand. I just hate MB Fanbois, and don't particularly like the brand itself.
  22. LOL
  23. Rediculous...
  24. it could've gotten a more agressive bodykit imo.

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