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    Then u r offically a loser
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    u tell 'im man
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    GTS ACR definately. GTS-R if possible (the GT2). Something about the coupe design looks better than the RT/10. The ACR adds 10 Horses and better handling into the mix.
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    Id say the 96 GTS cause that was the only year you could have a viper in white and they looked so cool. And I like the 03 SRT-10 because of its power and performance.
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    None! I'd take a Corvette, cuz they're hella faster! I WAS JOKING! I WOULD NEVER TAKE ANY VETTE OVER ANY VIPER! There, I didn't want anyone yelling at me. That's one of the most difficult questions I've ever heard. I honestly cant decide which, especially if the 2003 SRT-10 and the 2000 GTS-R concept were added. I'd probably do a random pick. Hi Kobus.
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    Don't worry benz, I don't think anyone will kill you. I have respect for Corvettes. They're good competition for the Viper. They have good power and light weight, with handling to boot. The Viper has more power, handles well enough, but is heavier. Different approaches that make for great competition.

    But it's the 2001 Viper GTS I prefer, in any of it's forms (base, ACR, GT2 if possible!).
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    hey, i no, i wouldnt get any of 'em....they all suck grown mens wieners and they should burn in hell cuz they suck serious dinkleberries....jk, id take the GTS
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    I'd have the ACR, who needs sissy stuff like A/C anyway?
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    Umm, this might seem like a stupid question but; what is a 1000tt hennessy modification?
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    Can u read it says viper hater
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    Its crap, the SvSi Stage 4 is better. Over 1000 horses of street legal power!
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