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Discussion in '2000 Ford Mustang Cobra R' started by Japan4, Dec 7, 2002.

  1. what does this thing put down at the wheels. is it 385 or is that the crank hp? anyone seen this on a dyno? i bet its underrated
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    there might be a vid on kazaa or something
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    Theres no video on KaZaA...but i think thats the Actual hp on that stang
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    thats the actual hp.
    the hp can be cranked up by 20%
    and 385 is an estimate, come cars came out with more, some less.
    since the car was built by svt, thus, engine was build my hand
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    I found a dyno where they got 390hp and 385ft.lbs. at the rear wheels and when they pulled the engine and dyno tested it alone they got 420hp and 420ft.lbs. at the flywheel.
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    I dynoed mine 370rwhp and 375rwtq with just the hi-flow xpipe mod.

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    ceack out what the preety colors

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