Actually looks good

Discussion in '2006 BMW Z4 M Coupe' started by ging, Feb 10, 2006.

  1. Actually looks good?

    This is extremley sexy and a #$%#in beast, just like the normal z4 Coupe.
  2. I just dont like the taillights but everything else is great
  3. pure secks.
  4. Much better than the Z3 M Coupe. But how the hell did they get 365lb-ft. of torque out of an S54 and, more importantly, why?
  5. Looks nice to me
  6. A lot better than the convertible
  7. It looks a lot better than the drop-top Z4, but the styling still seems a little awkward to me.
  8. yea i agree it looks good
  9. there is something weird about coupe versions of cars that start out as convertibles...'s not necessarily ugly, just slightly off in the proportions department
  10. looks awesome. everything from BMW is great. Love it
  11. dont thinks its better than the z3 m-coupe, doesnt look as good.
  12. Oh, as far as cars go, the Z3 M, IMO, was a better overall car, but the design of the coupe was just...I don't know, as bad as (if not worse than) the Solstice Estate Coupe concept. The whole huge half-dome style bulging top thing just was a killing factor for the coupe version. Eww... I have a convertible (1998 M Roadster) and I prefer those to the coupe as far as design goes.
  13. The convertible looks much better in my opinion. I do agree, however, that this thing beats the Z3 M Coupe in the styling department. Nice torque gains from the engine as well!
  14. I prefer the styling of the M Coupe, but the Z4M is vastly superior mechanically.
  15. The thing that hits me first is THAT TORQUE!!!!
    i mean the car is mechanically superior to the z3m coupe and many people do like the Z3 better.. but there seems to be something about all Z4's (in general) that just makes them more desirable as cars!
    nonetheless they both are great.........which one is better is for u to decide..... statistics in front of you.
  16. that torque is obviously a typo

    edit: and yeah, i was quite sceptical of this cars looks at first from some fugly preproduction shots i saw somewhere, but when i saw this i was impressed - looks very muscular and purposeful, as though it is ready to pounce.
  17. If only I had the money....
  18. Awesome design, finally a Bangle I love. Did you notice the Elise touch?
  19. nothing like an elise
  20. Everyone complained about the Z4's styling when it came out. IMO the Z4 looks WAY better than the Z3 and this new coupe also looks WAY better than the M coupe.

    Is it the best looking BMW ever? No, but is far from ugly IMO.
  21. the front end is ugly , the rest is nice
  22. Ageed, the front does look a little funky from head on and sort of high up, but it does look pretty good from other angles...especially the front from low down. Here are some pics I took. Hope you like them.
  23. 2nd picture is stretched..odd..dunno why. If you want a better on the pic.
  24. That's a different car... The concept version. And it looks much better than this, although this one also looks good.

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