Acura chop

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  2. stop trying to do a Carbon doesn't work
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  4. thx, ill check it out
  5. I know it looks like plastic, but i still like it ;o)
  6. If you made it darker it would look like CB.
  7. well at least you did a pretty good job turning it into a coupe
  12. The weave of the carbon fibre has to go with the profile of the bonnet, other wise it looks stupid. I have seen it done properly, but I don't know how to do it.
  13. the shadow doesn't look rite because look inbetween the two rear wheels....there is still white.
    The wheel change, intake, and how you made it a coupe looks really good.

    And the carbon doesn't look too good.
  14. you obviously didn't look at the last posts
  15. some things were annoying me so i decided to fix them
  16. Pretty good, but i still don't like the CF. The shadow underneath the car needs a lot of work, too. And what's with all your cars on beaches? lol
  17. lol, I dont know what to look for as a background. My next one is in mountains.
  18. Well done CF!
  19. Now only the shadow looks crap

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