Acura/Honda NSX or Toyota Supra

Discussion in '1993 Toyota Supra Turbo' started by PoliSh Boi, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. id go the nsx.
    but dont give the supra shit it was the most aerodynamic mass produced car in its time.
    and dont give the skyline shit because it set the fastest lap time on the nurburgring in 96" and if u say that the nurburgring is for n00b racers ur lost.
  2. polish boy u got no arugement shutup. making shit up like that
  3. The NSX is a flat out gorgeous looking car that needs little to no mods to have great performance numbers, the supra on the other hand is another bland looking toyota that does need performance mods to compete

    yeah thats why my supra (basically bone stock btw) beat a NSX....

  5. strange how the supra was built primarily for road racing...

  6. panditha676,

    i was abit confuse by you quoting daiki's whole post and then only reply in one sentense, and i don't really get it.

    i do not know where you are from and i don't really care. Maybe the public or club level racers in your place do use supra for racing, but here at where i live, the supras that i see, on the road or from the media (news... internet.. basically all those which is more popular) are either used as pimped up chic magnet, street racing, or drag racing.

    supra for circuit racing? sure, jgtc. call me stupid but i wonder why they ditch the 2jz in favour for the 3uz natural aspiration? while their competitors run on turbo aspiration? yet still win races? 1.5ton body, yes, and thats big disadvantage, but supra striped and build for the track is a total different story already, thus making it just as good as any track car.

    you beat an nsx with your bone stock supra? maybe you're just a better driver than the nsx driver. but give both cars to an experience and un-bias test driver then you will know the answer.

    i don't know if i've mention this before or not (lazy to check my previous posts), but i do know someone who own one and modded to over 1000bhp (with nos, near 1k bhp when no shot), and he gave nothing but complains, here's something he realy did say once:

    -someone tailgate him from behind, if he outrun them, they take down his number and seek revenge. if he let them pass, he's consider a looser.
    -too much power to handle, low tech no electronic to help him, spin out if didn't concentrate while driving
    -fuel guzzler
    -insane roadtax (here, 1 month salary for most people)
    -workshop charge higher for no reason on repairs

    and for what i know, at least applied at where i live, non of that seems to happens nsx drivers.

    i think he once say something about the nos purge is cool since it can blow women's skirt up, or maybe it was his friend? -__-

    (note: i'm still a toyota enthusiast, and will stick with supra forever if i'm not asked to find a race wining *stock* car, and my 10,000rpm engine is almost going in my car *happy!*)
  7. Well I think if you bring ANY car and tune it up by 700+ hp over their stock hp would have some problems & complains...

    BTW it depends how do you tune a car.
  8. actually it was in as straight line, and I had more hp than he did.

    sure they ditched it for the JGTC. But ever hear of the blitz nurburg supra?

    furthermore of coruse your gonna have more issues with 1000bhp, basically everythiung but that moronic first statment was right.

    no reason on repairs? hes again being ignorant to the fact that the supra being not only built in low numbers, but also due to the fact that parts for it are like any other high performance car's parts they are gonna be expensive, it is the same for an NSX etc.

  9. go away dipshit!
  10. What are u talking about u Deep Shit?
  11. A fu**in Lunatic who has no Clue!!!
  12. Rolarkid dont bother with them...

    OK let me tell you people something about a cars proformance bascially theirs more to HP and SPEED in straight line to determeine the ultimate machine...

    man... 1000 hp.. 1000hp, thats all u guys say...

    And please eeddiots compare the same class.. if u evne know what i mean.. GT500 (500 hp limit)
    500hp NSX against 500HP SUPRA

    OH wait LE -Mans GT650

    650hp NSX VS 650hp SUPRA Forced induction

    I think the answer is obvious this is a stupid comparison.. and either way we cant compare SUPER GT cars because they have different base structure as stated as of 2002, every year before 2002 cars have the same base structure as the stock model.. but in 2002 cars no longer have the base structure of the stock model alowing more modifications.. as i recall the Supra has a NA engine in the super GT this already shows that NA is the way to go... Why do you think the 350z produces the slowest lap times in the Super GT its forced induction turbo.. that is why turbo cars will always be slower then NA in the same class give it up.. for all those fools who say "oh turbo tune 1000hp" thats just stupid. The reason why nismo nissan team does well is because of its team management in racing conditions. And dont say team management doesnt mean cant rush in with raw technique and power like Team honda racing (takata dome NSX and ARTA AUTOBACS NSX) does. You'll need pit stop strategies and other things to win the race.. Alot of factors decide the race in the pro world. (mental stamina,physical stamia, Team management and proformance, strategies) The ARTA NSX gets quite alot of penalties for comign in contact with another car, this cost the NSX a vital position in the race. The driver was probly getting frustaited and resulting in tapping the rear bumper too hard. But even if TEAM HONDA drops back to 33rd place by the end of the race the'd be in top positions because their techinque also car proformance is a good combination,

    Supra and NSX dominate the SUPER GT nowdays maybe the 350z now and then, but mainly supra and NSX due to their pure proformance embracing NA engines. In the same class HP doesnt mean shit.. tell me why with both machines NA 500hp Why does the supra sitll beat the NSX on a straight by alittle bit in the Super GT??? because the supra has a larger engine displacement. BUT the NSX still managed to defeat the supra in some races.. ALSo the fact in SUPER GT their are weight restrictions and handycaps. FOR EG the supra i think if i remember correctly has a 60 kg Handycap due to its larger engine displacement, while the NSX has only 20kg.

    Bottom Line, i've told this to supra4life DONT compare straight line speed, it does not mean shit, street racers in my opinon dont know anything about car physics. As i said with the theory about turbo and NA cars.. Understeer also leads to tyres wearing out. WEight distribution matter the most in those situations, cars with 50:50 weight distribution (EG: S2000) are at an advantage. Driving while thinking carefully simply case of physics

    oh yeah i think the reason why the supra was bult for streets is because the new body stated in 1993 JGTC started in that year. But later the supras specs were improoved slightly i think, i am not too sure on the details but it doesnt matter, The GT cars of today dont have the same base structure as the original car. YEs rolakid your right no electronic gadgets to help the supra stabilize with that amount of horsepower, rightfully in racing 650hp is the ABSOULTE most you want like LE-MANS GT650.
  13. Absolutely right! Although the NSX could never match the Supra's straight line acceleration or top speed performance, it would handle and brake better, be lighter, be more aerodynamic, and be more communicative of road feel (therefore easier to drive). The problem is that NSXs are tremendously overpriced and parts are hard to find in the U.S. I'd definetely take a stock NSX over a stock Supra, but as for tuning, that's a matter of driving style.
  14. uhhh he was talking about a 1000hp supra NOT a stock supra.

    also you do know your agreeing with one of the biggest morons this site has ever seen right?
  15. ur ugly honda nsx vs mercedez S65 AMG huh
  16. ok 1st of all half u pplz voting 4 da NSX dont no wut ur talkin about the supra is so much more powerful... My dad happens to have a 1990 turbo targa pretty heavily modded and a stock 1993 has 320 horses stock and twin turbo and what does the NSX have? Not very much the supra would kill ur precious NSX and if u check out the stats hands down supra would win...
  17. z06, i wanna ask something. Yes your dad might have a supra, and you might have sit in it alot (i use "might" since you can't really prove it here, internet is full of keyboard warrior anyway). but have you sit in an nsx before comparing the two?

    i don't know which part of the world you came from, the US maybe? since your supra came with 320 where we get 280 regulated (i'm not from japan, but we can only drive JDM spec cars here anyway, left hand drive cars are illegal, unless you have royal blood running in your body which the police can't catch you).

    In US you might have alot of highway and straight road, but here, there's non. i have roughly 175hp/ton on my car, 320hp supra would have 200hp over abit, and i already felt that i have too much power for driving on the road, what more a stock supra?

    i'm trying to be reasonable here, this is no more different from any tread that has a title of "vtec vs turbo". i'm a senior in these type of car enthusiast forum, and i must tell you for all the years i've posted in various forum, this type of tread will never reach any conclution.

    different cars will be good under different condition. drag, drift, circuit racing.. they all need different type of cars and different setup. you can defeat me in some race, and i'll defeat you in others. There's no end to this.

    i'm not saying to stop debating, but can we all do it in a more civilized and profesional way? I'm only 20, and i live in a 3rd world country. You guys are suppose to be from a much more developed country and more civilized and systematic in many ways. But you guys sound more like kids fighting over who's daddy is better, if not then its bunch of ricers who watch too much fast and furious.

    c'mon guys, i guess its time to start to do things in the correct way, the technical way, give some clear evidence of why which car is better and the prove (eg, race result, other valid source where veryone can get). No point doing things the current way.
  18. My 2000 Type R was stolen last Thursday night (3/23/2006). I think I had #1441 and it was yellow. I live in Tallahasse Florida and the car was found, completely stripped, in Ft. Lauderdale, about 400 miles away on Saturday 3/25. Does anyone have any suggestions on how the thieves might be caught? The cops can only do so much and this was a professional job. I just know my engine is now in some Civic somewhere and the new owner is bragging. Please respond. Thanks
  19. keep your piece of a honda nsx. ill spend 25 large on a stock, low mileage supra turbo and use the spare change to rip that 2JZ to shreds. oh and will the change i have left over from that, you can use it to fix that problems with your honda.
  20. keep your piece of a honda nsx. ill spend 25 large on a stock, low mileage supra turbo and use the spare change to rip that 2JZ to shreds. oh and with the change i have left over from that, you can use it to fix that problems with your honda.
  21. dude i would just get the rsx you are totaly right unless its the twin turbo
  22. dude i would just get the rsx you are totaly right unless its the twin turbo
  23. lol looks so much better
  24. The Supra is soooooooooooooo overated, if the POS isn't modified it couldn't outrun a VWbug.

    Stock to Stock the NSX will rape the Supra in all aspects, why else wouldn't honda sell it for so high?. Its far superior car and not to mention its built quality is better than the Supra.
  25. dear god your a dipshit.

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