ACURA to enter ALMS!!!!!

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    Honda to enter ALMS!!!!!

    This is HUGE news. Especially that second paragraph where it states many of the front runners in IRL have taken an interest in sports cars if Honda does infact run.

    LMP2 will definitly be the place to be in the upcoming future. There are tons of different chassis/engine combos to choose from.

    Entire Car:
    - Porsche RS Spyder

    - Porsche RS Spyder
    - Lola B05/40
    - Courage LC75
    - Radical SR9

    - AER 2.0 turbo I4
    - Judd 3.4 NA V8
    - Porsche 3.4 NA V8 (available only in the Porsche RS Spyder)
    - Zytek 3.4 NA V8
    - Mazda NA triple rotary
    - Honda 3.4 NA V8
  2. Honda to enter ALMS!!!!!

    They should go with the Lola chassis and the 3.4 V8 derived from their 3.0 IRL engine.
  3. Honda to enter ALMS!!!!!

    The Courage LC75 is brand new and should be on par with the Lola. I personally like the Radical the best though.
  4. Honda to enter ALMS!!!!!

    I am glad to see the way sportscar racing is coming back.
  5. Honda to enter ALMS!!!!!

    good news all round. bye bye IRL, hello top quality sports car racing...
  6. Honda to enter ALMS!!!!!

    The ALMS is already the top sports car racing series in the world and the addition of Honda will only further that.
  7. Honda to enter ALMS!!!!!

    Have you posted the full-size version of your avatar yet? I know at least three people have asked but I haven't seen you post it yet. Maybe I'm just blind.
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    Honda to enter ALMS!!!!!

    i already said this to Blitzschnell the other day. go to , the pic is at the bottom of the page once it loads up.
  9. Honda to enter ALMS!!!!!

  10. Honda to enter ALMS!!!!!

    No that's the Le Mans Series. The ALMS field is pathetic compared to the LMS field.
  11. Honda to enter ALMS!!!!!

    Car count isn't everything. The best teams in the world are in the ALMS. ALMS teams have dominated the 24 Hours of LeMans in recent years and it's a trend I don't see changing any time soon. If you want to be the best, you have to beat the best!

    If we were talking strictly car count here, Grand Am would be the best, but it's also a complete joke.
  12. Honda to enter ALMS!!!!!

    Having the "best" does not warrant getting the best racing though.
  13. Honda to enter ALMS!!!!!

    There is no point in racing if your car is the fastest car on the grid by a long shot. LMS' strength is the diversity and lack of factory funded superteams.
  14. Honda to enter ALMS!!!!!

    And they have a heck of a lot more chassis options......

    whilst I am sure many Europeans would like to run the ALMS, the fact it is a full season thing with 10 races and crossing the pond makes it expensive, LMS got the right idea of focusing on the "big races" and stays solely in Europe, afterall there are still a lot more european teams than US based teams....
  15. Honda to enter ALMS!!!!!

    And there is no Radical yet in the United States!
  16. Honda to enter ALMS!!!!!

    The Dude and RacingManiac posting and in the same thread, wow just wow.

    Awesome news, ALMS and LMS are the best racing series around and the more teams invovled, the better chance I have of working in it.
  17. Honda to enter ALMS!!!!!

    There will be in October. There's no Audi R10s racing in Europe though, so it goes both ways.
  18. Honda to enter ALMS!!!!!

    Probably will be at least one after June, since Champion will be the active Audi factory team in US(under the Audi flag), Joest will probably run 1 car in the LMS after Le Mans in June....

    RS Spyder for now will be a US exclusive thing
  19. Honda to enter ALMS!!!!!

    I'm glad there isn't. Audi will ruin the fun again with their no money spared rumbler. I'm sure Audi spends more on catering than Radical spent on developing the SR9.
  20. Honda to enter ALMS!!!!!

    very true.....they do bring their own catering staff to the track back in 01 and 02.......and that was the Joest team.....

    Champion eats the track organizer caterer.....just for comparison....:D

    At any rate though, even if R10 is in the LMS grid I think the racing will still be better, the climate and level of competition is different from when R8 started to dominate, and cars like Pescarolo Courages will probably give R10 a run for its money in the shorter 1000km races.....though at Le Mans the R10 could be in for a walkover....
  21. Honda to enter ALMS!!!!!

    Whoa RM. Glad to see you back.
  22. Honda to enter ALMS!!!!!

    From what I heard at Paul Ricard and Istanbul from people close to Audi is that we have not yet seen a fraction of the performance the car is capable off. Audi's computer models indicate a plausible top speed in excess of 350 km/h at Le Mans. However, they will try to hold back as much as possible to have something in reserve for when Peugeot comes around. Peugeot have now (possibly after the Sebring victory) declared that they consider 2007 a development year and do not aim for victory until 2008.

    While sportscar racing is getting back to good form, a fight between two major manufacturers might again deter privateers. Hopefully design and engineering talent can still take on the huge budgets. If anything, the Radical's remarkable pace shows that inginuity and talent can still make a car go very fast.
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    Honda to enter ALMS!!!!!

    Just in case you are not convinced yet you should check out my Istanbul 1000 km report. There were moments when I was so captured by the racing that I forgot to shoot; the racing fan took control of the photographer <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    The report is here with a 150 shot slideshow (locked tires, flames etc)
  24. Honda to enter ALMS!!!!!

    The report is prime and top notch stuff....and you sure sounded like you had a ball there....
  25. Honda to enter ALMS!!!!!

    The R10 is what 10kg over the minimum wieght?

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