ACURA to enter ALMS!!!!!

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  1. Honda to enter ALMS!!!!!

    according to Mulsannes corner yeah, it teched at Sebring at ballast....while the Lolas were all ballast up to the 925....

    Mulsannescorner's R10 pages are up too....interesting details there....wonder if the car uses rotary dampers like F1 with their torsion bars....
  2. Honda to enter ALMS!!!!!

    Yeah it was great, it was a shame that there was nobody there to see it. From the grandstands there is a great view on the final complex which has a great overtaking point. In the opening stages the leaders came roaring down that backstraight three abreast. Spectacular stuff.
  3. Honda to enter ALMS!!!!!

    Audi is running one R8 for the next 3 races. They wanted to run 2, but they claim there aren't enough spares for 2 cars. Then after LeMans, both R10s are coming back to America fo finish the ALMS season.
  4. Honda to enter ALMS!!!!!

    IMSA just released new performance adjustments.

    1) “LM” P1
    a) Lola B06/10 / AER (3.6L V8 Turbocharged)
    I. Minimum Weight:
    Under IMSA balance of performance, reduced to 900kg.
    b) Lola EX257 / AER (2.0L L4 Turbocharged)
    I. Maximum Restrictor Diameter:
    Under IMSA balance of performance, increased to 43.0mm.
    II. Maximum intake manifold absolute pressure:
    Under IMSA balance of performance, increased to 2800mbar.

    2) “LM” P2
    a) All 2.0L L4 Turbocharged engines
    I. Maximum Restrictor Diameter:
    Under IMSA balance of performance, increased to 45.0mm.
    II. Maximum intake manifold absolute pressure:
    Under IMSA balance of performance, increased to 2700mbar.
    b) Rotary engine (Normally aspirated, 3 Rotor)
    I. Maximum Restrictor Diameter:
    Under IMSA balance of performance, equivalency formula changed to:
    D=[(d-1)x1.30+1] (Rounded up to the next 0.1mm)

    3) “LM” GT1
    a) Aston Martin DBR9
    I. Minimum Weight:
    Under IMSA balance of performance, reduced to 1100kg.
    II. Maximum Restrictor Diameter:
    Under IMSA balance of performance, one column to the right:
    i.e. 31.8mm (2 restrictors) for 6.0L @ 1100kg.
    b) Saleen S7R
    I. Minimum Weight:
    Under IMSA balance of performance, reduced to 1100kg.
    II. Maximum Restrictor Diameter:
    Under IMSA balance of performance, two columns to the right:
    i.e. 46.4mm (1 restrictor) for 7.0L @ 1100kg.

    4) “LM” GT2
    a) Porsche 911 GT3 RSR
    I. Maximum Restrictor Diameter:
    Per the ACO Technical Regulations 2006 “LM”GT2 Appendix 2:
    i.e. 29.0mm (2 restrictors) for 3.8L @ 1125kg or 29.2mm (2 restrictors) for 3.6L @ 1125kg

  5. Honda to enter ALMS!!!!!

    So now Corvette is 85KG or something heavier than the Aston, which according to DSC will race at least in the next 2 rounds.......this is almost like Grand Am......
  6. Honda to enter ALMS!!!!!

  7. Honda to enter ALMS!!!!!

    Referring to “one of the most significant manufacturer announcements in the history of the American Le Mans Series”, the ALMS has released preliminary details of a very significant project today – just announced at the New York Auto Show.

    The Acura division of American Honda Motor Co., Inc., will enter the 2007 ALMS with a “factory prototype program”.

    Multiple Acura-powered LMP2 entries are expected to make their competition debut at the 55th Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring, in March next year.

    Acura's race program will feature engines designed and developed by Honda Performance Development, a subsidiary of American Honda Motor Co., Inc., the technical operations centre for Honda's high-performance racing engines.

    HPD also coordinates Honda's participation in the IRL IndyCar Series. Its chief engineer is Yasuhide Sakamoto.

    The engines will be installed in at least two different prototypes, the company having already purchased a Lola B05/40 and a Courage LC75. Only the Courage was in New York, and it is expected that it will return to Europe shortly for engine installation work.

    Whether both chassis take to the grid at Sebring and beyond remains to be seen. The longer game is likely to include participation at Le Mans, in LMP1 – which would be highly appreciated by the ACO, which has made no secret of its desire to see Japanese factories racing in France.

    Neither chassis manufacturer has been allowed to comment publicly on the Acura programme.

    2007 should see Acura join Audi, Aston Martin, BMW, Chevrolet, Ferrari, Lexus, Mazda, Panoz, Porsche and Saleen on the grid at Sebring.

    “The American Le Mans Series has always featured factory involvement from the most prestigious collection of auto manufacturers in the world. Today, it is with great pride that we welcome Acura," said Scott Atherton, President and CEO of the American Le Mans Series. "Our platform features world-class manufacturers showcasing their products in one of the most extreme, but relevant forms of motorsports – endurance sports car racing. Acura has done exhaustive research and has confirmed that the American Le Mans Series is the premium brand of motorsports, and involvement in the Series is the best way to display its technology and innovation to our upscale and affluent audience.

    "This news is the culmination of many years of hard work by all involved," he continued. "While there still are some details to be worked out, Acura's entry into the American Le Mans Series will have nothing but positive repercussions in the seasons to come. Acura has made a commitment to us, and we are committed to seeing that Acura receives the same return on its investment as our other teams and manufacturers. This is the start of a wonderful relationship that is only going to grow stronger."

    "As Acura marks its 20-year anniversary, I can't think of a better racing series to showcase our technology and performance than the American Le Mans Series," said John Mendel, senior vice president of Honda Automobile Operations. "Our entry as a full factory team in the American Le Mans Series will accurately reflect Acura's position as a leader in automotive performance and technology, and provide us with an arena to compete against other manufacturers in endurance sports car racing."

    Honda Performance Development will manufacture the engine for the Acura prototype program, and the 3.4-liter, aluminum alloy V8 powerplant will be the first to be completely designed and developed in-house by HPD.

    "We're looking forward with great anticipation to entering the American Le Mans Series," said Robert Clarke, president of Honda Performance Development. "In addition to returning Acura to the international racing stage against other innovative automotive manufacturers, it allows us to continue to grow HPD into a world-class performance company."

    Testing of the Acura-powered prototypes will begin this summer. Drivers and teams will be announced in the near future.

    Acura has a sportscar history anyway, with three consecutive IMSA Camel Lights championships from 1991-93 including a class victory at Sebring in 1993.

    ”When Dr. Don Panoz founded the American Le Mans Series, he wanted to bring the spirit and cache of Le Mans to North America but also feature American-made content,” concluded Scott Atherton. “Thanks to Acura and Honda Performance Development, another portion of his vision has been realized. I think we will see Acura being actively involved in all aspects of the American Le Mans Series, on and off the track."
  8. Is the only difference from ACURA to Honda the badge?
  9. The spelling is different.
  10. I hope Honda will support Courage to properly develop the chassis. Right now it's moderately fast and hopelessly unreliable. It is a stunning looking car though.
  11. Honda has purchased both a Courage LC75 and a Lola B05/40. They'll develop both to see which to race next year. Personally I hope they go with the Lola, since it seems to be the better of the two, but I'd also welcome the diversity the Courage would bring. It says one or both could be run, but I doubt they'd run both.
  12. Yeah the Lola is definitely a fast and reliable car, so it needs little additional development right now. Another thing that suddenly made sense is Courage's switch to the latest spec Mugen engine this year. Makes me wonder if Honda had something to do with that as well.
  13. I was just thinking about that......the "factory" Courage team abandoning the longtime used Judd to go to the Mugen, which in the latest iteration is supposed to be good, but unlike Judd, its not proven....

    They did mention somewhere that this could eventually became a P1 effort, so a rebadged Mugen is probably to be expected soon...
  14. I remember seeing the first iteration of that Mugen engine in the MBD Panoz LMP-07 in 2002. Wow does that thing ever scream!
  15. Wow, thats pretty awsome, and the car looks great!
  16. I want one.
  17. You can buy one. All it takes is money.
  18. I wish Honda made an engine for the street based from that engine. Maybe bored/stroked to 3.8-4.0 liters in capacity.
  19. It will likely be bored out some as well as twin turbocharged for the LMP1 version.
  20. That would be awesome if that engine would be used in the next NSX.
  21. I just want to clarify something: that car is a prototype of a prototype, right?
  22. There already is a Mugen 4.0 and 4.5 V8.
  23. No that car is a Courage LC75 with an Acura livery. It will be shipped to Europe shortly to have an Acura engine and an Acura gearbox with Hewland internals fitted. Is that clear enough?
  24. Damn you Honda, name the damn thing a Honda <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>
  25. Honda is only building the engine to be placed in already existing Courage and Lola LMPs.

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