ACURA to enter ALMS!!!!!

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by rabbitl1, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. Good thing the Porsche LMP2's will have another factory team to race against next year.
    Wasn't LMP2 supposed to be for privateers?
  2. Definitely exciting stuff!

    P.S. Dude fantastic pictures!
  3. Porsche may not be a factory team next year. As of now, they're only a factory team for this year to help get the program on its feet. No, LMP2 is for anyone who wants to compete.
  4. tell F1 fans that.
  5. This car is gonna cause some issues for LMP2.
  6. What kind of issues...
  7. well, think of all the troubles the two new porsche spyders causes for the inersport lola, miracle motorsports and the mazda.. the only problem was that they couldnt last a 12 hour race with the amount of beating from the track. Acura is a big name with racing as u see in speed world touring. This is just my thought on what i think is gonna happen. i could be wrong or right.
  8. Well LMP2 may become a factory dominated class like the P1 and GT1 have as well. I hope we see an increased effort from Mazda on the B-K program. I was at Sebring and Intersport went toe to toe with the Porsche's all day and I'm sure they'll have more speed at the sprint races.
  9. LMP1 has only four cars for the next race.
    LMP2 five.
    GT1 has six.

    With nine GT2 is the only class showing some promise. Why? No big dollar factory team domination. Private teams can buy competetive factory built cars. What a concept!

    If there were 24 cars all in the same GT class ALMS might be worth watching.

  10. There are several LMP teams that run the schedule that for whatever reason aren't running houston. Also, this year is the bridge year between the new regulations for the LMP cars, so there will likely be more teams in LMPs once all the new cars become available. And I see Acura and Porsche's involvement in LMP2 as a good thing. Both will be selling cars to customers which will add to the car count and make for great battles.
  11. i wishh LMP1 had some more cars in it. like bassicly its all audi. the new dysons didnt do much at sebring. last year at mosport there was only 4 P1 cars.
  12. Well this year, Audi is running the R8 for 3 races, so Dyson will run away with those if they can be reliable. But to respond to your statement, you can thank Audi and only Audi for the poor car counts in P1. No one wants to race them because the chances of beating Audi is so slim, it's not worth it for many teams.
  13. lol yea no kiddingg. how do u think they will do at the 24 hour race?
  14. lol yea no kiddingg. how do u think they will do at the 24 hour race? the r10 that is
  15. lol yea no kiddingg. how do u think they will do at the 24 hour race? the r10 that is
  16. If they're reliable, no one will touch them.
  17. stop with the V8's go with a V12
  18. Retard...

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