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  1. When you've been on the internet since its inception, ads in one form or another is something you just learn to live with. I'm at a point now where they are being put in front of my face on a daily basis but they kinda don't even register in my brain anymore. It makes me wonder how the ad model even works at all. Unskippable video, sure, but square and rectangles stills, static or animated gif, top, bottom middle or wherever, advertisers can't be getting their money's worth.

    And here's how retarded ad networks are. They're pretty good at knowing what products you might be interested in based on your search or browse habits and then trying to put those products in front of your eye balls, but how does showing me ads for the thing I already searched for make me want to buy it? If these dumbos had any sense, they'd show me comparable items. I already looked at the thing I looked at - I don't need to look at it again.

    Last week I transferred my domain name recently from one host to another. Since then I've been seeing ads both the old web host that I just switched away from and the new one that I'm a new customer of. Why would it make any sense to show me ads for either of them? First off, I already have a web host so I probably don't need a nother one. And I'm certainly not going to click an ad for the service I just joined. And I'm definitely not going to click an add for the one I just cancelled.

    Fucking retarded.
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  2. yeah i think a lot of money is wasted in ads
    and its unbelievable what is spent on marketing!

    but everyone in the business says it is successful
    I like to think it works on people who mostly have their brain on autopilot

    not me though, im waay too woke
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  3. I agree with that. I see a lot of ads for brands I've already visited the website and know about them. The only thing I can think is ita trying to get people who maybe only visited the website to come back to buy something the second time around. Like a "hey remember that site you visited that sells this product you viewed"
  4. Online ads are based on performance. For every fifty of you who don't click, one will. For every fifty who clicked but didn't make a purchase, one just might. Now it was worth paying $20 for that ad/keyword/whatever. Apparently conversion rates are still OK, despite the fact that most people think they ignore all ads.
  5. This. They track how many sales come from the click vs how much the ad costs.

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