Aero X at a gas station

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by 427 Z06, Mar 28, 2006.

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  2. fkin awesome
  3. DAMN
  4. Wow. Wild seeing a car like that just at a gas station
  5. Hmmm...didnt even know the car existed. Thats pretty damn cool! Not just the door/roof, but the car itself is pretty cool.
  6. Holy molly
  7. they sould make it
  8. Holy cow, why would they take it to a public gas station?
  9. Wonder how it is to drive.
  10. amazing, they really have to make it.
  11. Seeing concept cars in real world enviorments is alot more impressive then seeing them in fruity CG backgrounds and auto shows.
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  14. They sould
  15. they won't
  16. At least, not as long as GM is involved.
  17. i like it.
  18. STFU, I give them no permission to change a thing from that interior!

    Truly awsome car, and that front must be on the next 9-5
  19. the cockpit opens just like the Sterling kitcar.
  20. I liked it when i saw it for the first time, and i like it now 2..:D..but i dont think the car will be produced, maybe some aspects will be set as standard, but thats it i think.
  21. im going to go out on a limb and say for gas
  22. I like everything about it except the front, finally something cool from SAAB.
  23. This car might be a Huuge hit if they price it right and actually put some effort into making it a GOOD vehicle, and don't butcher it in the process...but it's GM...which means they inevitably will.
  24. Flying with Per

    AutoWeek | Published 04/07/06, 2:39 pm et

    Arrival in Copenhagen and right into a Saab 9-3 Aero SportCombi with a V6 and manual six-speed. Feel that turbo thrust me forward and the slight torque steer tug me along. Thick snow squalls over the �resundsbron that spans the cold waters between Denmark and Sweden completed the Scandinavian scene.

    With traffic so heavily policed and the punishment for even common violations so severe, you tend to march in step here. I kept the speedometer at 68.35 mph right on the dot (110 km/h) for the stretch of highway between Copenhagen and the exit for �ngelholm on the western Swedish coast. I was headed to the decommissioned air base that had once been home to Swedish Fighter Jet Squadron No. 1.

    As I pulled through the gates I heard the popping and crackling of an unadulterated racing exhaust in the far hold of the hangar. I was due to be the passenger for a rocket ride in the rally-cross car of the remarkable Per Eklund. We were definitely going to go beyond 68.35 mph.

    Since 1968 Eklund has been a leading ambassador for both rallying and rally-cross. Eklund started in Saabs and has returned to Saabs in the past few years.

    I�d just rolled up in my 3175-pound Aero SportCombi with 250 hp in its 2.8-liter Holden-sourced V6, feeling pretty good. Then I plopped into the wraparound racing bucket of Per�s stripped and lowered 9-3 2.0t sport sedan. It weighs in at 2645 pounds and yells out 600 hp in an instant, thanks to a crazed turbocharger capable of 36.26 psi pressure fitted with a 45-mm restrictor plate.

    Among the subtle differences twixt your 9-3 2.0t sedan and that of Sir Per: His covers 2.4 miles with a gallon of fuel and has a Prodrive center diff for the 4wd. (Excellent news: Saab is pushing for 4wd in 9-3s and 9-5s as soon as 2007. Don�t worry, the mileage will be better than on Per�s ride.)

    Off we shot. As opposed to the fastest production 2.0t that gets to 60 mph in 7.4 seconds, this 9-3 does it in just 2.1 seconds. It wasn�t until the first hard brake point before a long, sideways left-hander that I realized I should have worn full umpire gear. Only the four-point harness prevented me from embracing the dash, but it also literally left quite an impression on me. Sort of a sideways Union Jack pattern that didn�t fade for 24 hours.

    Call it the Per Effect.
  25. Whoa! That's frickin awesome. They really, really ought to produce it, or something similar.

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