Aero8 v R8

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by 2998ccCSL, Jun 3, 2007.

  2. OR! the Wiesmann GT. Also in that same price gap with similar performance.
  3. oh, then the Wiesmann pretty please <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    edit: does BMW still make the M Coupe too? I'd pick that over both the Audi and Morgan 's well.
  4. r8, i really dislike the morgan.
  5. Out of those 2 the Aero8 but I'd rather have a Wiesmann.
  6. i would have a wiesmann over anything made today.
  7. Same here actually. I really love the Wiesmann and so do most people who have seen the TopGear review.
  8. Aero8 for sure. Rarer, cooler, not a TT
  11. aero 8 by miles, especially if its the GTN version
  12. you've gotta be kidding surely? R8
  13. Audi R8 of course
  14. I like the Aero, but R8 is better.

    It's not a TT either, idiots.
  15. Not to be overly technical, but that picture you posted (of the Morgan) is not an 'Aero 8' - it's an Aero 8 GT. While it may look somewhat similar, the GT is only offered with a hard top and of course, that flashy two tone paint job. Aside from that, you get a whole other load of lightweight track-day items. So essentially, it's the 'track-day' Morgan.
  16. Before I went to auto mode and picked the R8, I thought about it long and hard how it would be to own both. The Aero8 is more special/exotic/classy and would probably be more fun driving around twisty roads on a sunny day but it feels so unatural to pick it over the R8. I mean, it's the effing R8. So I don't #$%#ing know what to pick.
  17. go with the heart, not the head... Aero 8!!

    in three years your lease on the r8 will be up and on to the next hot will have been just another nice car you've had. the aero8 is more special than that...just like you said.
  18. *a million miles
  19. R8. coolest member ever /thread
  20. The Morgan, I saw a few including the GT when I was in Europe last year and I really like them. I love the craftsmanship and they are pretty good performers to boot.

    When I think of an Audi R8 I don't even think of the road car, I think of the dominant racer.

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