Affordable RWD (MR) fun.

Discussion in '1934 MG P-Type Midget' started by Davut, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. A true car lover will like this car. While many car manufacturer are pumping out cheap front wheel drive cars and boring all wheel drives, I am so glad that there are still ppl that's producing an affordable rear wheel drive, and in this case, a mid-engined, RWD car, even better.

    With the Nissan Silvia out of production, the Toyota MR-S and the Mazda Miata were the only 2 affordable, fun RWD sports cars left on the planet, (there's also the S2000 but that's more expensive) now MG has helped save this endangered species. I definitely hope this trend can continue, so that the poor but car loving class (like me) can enjoy some true RWD fun and performance.
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