After watching this video you

Discussion in 'Videos and Sounds' started by 962 Dauer LM, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. old ist hat kid driving like 12?
  2. He probably put it on himself and missed a screw or two
  3. Holy hell some people shouldn't be allowed to own cars.
  4. That was priceless!
  5. video doesn't work
  6. i dont hate ricers, i find them amusing.
  7. exactly, they are a gift from god to make us laugh. speaking of ricers, theres this moron at my school who does massive burnouts at traffic lights in what looks to be his moms civic ex, its a piece of shit but he can make some good tire smoke. also, for some reason, the right front wheel doesnt spin but the left goes like crazy, can anyone explain this? its about a 97'
  8. All I get is a stupid ad for in place of the vid.
  9. open diff/no limited slip unit.
  10. Love ricers, because it makes my taste in cars look that much better.
  11. k thx
  12. nice avatar lol
  13. asian kids are always 12
  14. After that video I refuse to go back to

    Video didnt load, just a 40 second advertisement for some psychic.

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