Agera S Hundra vs Veyron

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    Finally, the race people have been waiting to see for years has been made.

    No surprise by the outcome.

    4 min video

  2. I don't base my fanboism on unprofessionnal races.

  3. Professional or not, it's still good to finally watch the Veyron get properly killed and then read the hilarious excuses from the fanboys on youtube.
  4. How did that race car do on the track?
    Which series did it compete in?
  6. is that really a 26 minute video of a drag race?
  7. Drag racing is for dick shits.
  8. what an ugly car lol
  9. Apparently the Veyron owner wants to come back with his SS and have another go against the Agera S/R. The funny thing is, it will not change the outcome, especially against the Agera R.
  10. Shame Koenigsegg is no good around corners
  11. The cornering ability is on par with the unrivaled acceleration and braking, it's by far the most untouchable hypercar I've ever seen.
  12. That yellow interior is #$%#ing dirty, like the car.
  13. spoiler was up the whole time. it'd be interesting to see the race run with the spoiler down and the bugatti not getting a head start every damn run. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

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