Agera, Zonda, and 599 GTO on the TopGear track

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    Peter Saywell driving his recently acquired Koenigsegg Agera, together with the Zonda and 599 GTO that can hardly be heard in this company.

    2:05 has to be my favorite sound ever

  2. Absolute favourite sound is a turbo'd V8? Lol!

    Just another reason why you have shit taste.
  3. Agera looks like cheap kit car compared with Zonda.
  4. That's the Zonda PS, apparently. My favorite custom Zonda. I prefer the looks of the Zonda without the roof intake.
  5. Zonda's sound is just awesome. Dwarfs the other two. Shame it's got those lame looking in-line pipes.
    Great post, thanks for sharing.
  6. The sound of Agera is indicative of authority and superiority even at those low revs. I had to rewatch that part a number of times.
  7. Even at part throttle, that Zonda sounds intense. Full throttle and it has the most race-inspired sound here. GTO is a little muted, but still indicative of a gnarly, racy engine. Nice effort by the SVT Lightning bringing up the rear.
  8. I hope the stig will get to take the Agera out for a proper lap this upcoming season and smash the current record
  9. He'll probably smash the car into the tires because it's shit, just like what happened in the past.
  10. Ah yes, the prototype CCX, even that held the record for a couple of years. With the Agera, it's not a question of whether it will or not, but rather a question of how badly will it obliterate the others.
  11. they were at lemans this year as well.
  12. The only fact in which it will obliterate the others is the width of it's panel gaps.
  13. We should put together "The Big Book of over-thought Koenigsegg Analogies That Make Raging Balls Sound Like a FUcking Retard Every Time He Posts"

    It'd be a best seller for sure.
  14. "apocalyptic" is still the best way to describe Agera's sound
  15. That'd make the book for sure.
  16. Great replies from Porsche Addict in this thread.
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    You must be confused about what car is making what sound.
  18. There's no confusing the raw sound of that race bred Ksegg V8 in its latest evolution with anything else.
  19. Oh, I thought you were trying to pointing out some guys turbo'd mustang in the background...My mistake then.
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    New footage of Agera tearing up a Swedish circuit. Never seen a car look and sound so at home on a track.

  21. The actual question is how badly it will obliterate itself upon hitting the first corner....
  22. boring video
  23. And what race series is it bred from?
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    Yeah that tyre squeal is really something, I liked it how he almost came to a stop upon entering those corners

  25. wow I would have lapped faster in my WRX


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