AHAH! Grand Prix GT eats shit!

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Jay2002WS6, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. I'm coming home from the bar, take my exit, and the service drive has two turning lanes on to the main road.

    I am next to a Grand Prix GT - but that's pretty irrelevant at this time. The turn to the main road is about a 60 degree turn, so it's absolutely no problem to take at speed (40 mph). I'm in the outside lane, GP in the inside lane. I take the turn the way a sports sedan should. No big deal. About a 100 yards down the road, this GP comes and does a fly-by on me and cuts me the #$%# off. I'm a little confused, but I didn't really care either. I let him go - the speed limit was 35, I am just leaving the bar so I certainly don't need to be chasing after him (doing 50) and drawing attention to myself. A ways up the road, the light has turned red. I giggle a little. He comes to a complete stop conspicuously short of the traffic light. I thought maybe he wanted to talk, but when I rolled past the car, the windows were up and they were a dark tint. I stopped at the intersection. Now, he begins to creep up to the intersection just as the opposite light is turning yellow. Apparently, it's on when the green light goes. hahahahaha... what a sucker. He was toasted QUICKLY, and I'm pretty sure he gave up at the top of first gear. Between the AWD, and the all-around much faster car, he stood absolutely no chance. Well, as I continue down the street, he pulls up next to me - still no window down, and he's damn near straddling the lane markers, so I'm starting to think I might have pissed him off about something. Oh well, we're approaching my house, I duck down a side street quicker than he can react and that's the last I'll see of him... hahahahahahaha... how's the humble pie taste?
  2. sigh... no pics?
  3. no


    Of a Grand Prix GT? My... how fascinating that would be...
  4. That guy was an idiot, obviously, but why did you even "race" him?
  5. Because I enjoy beating the hell out of people who "think" they have sweet cars. The GP had big "PONTIAC" windshield banners, tinted windows, and I think it was dropped too. It was pretty obvious this guy thought his car was pretty hot shit.
  6. Well done.
  7. Ah yes, there is nothing that indicates more that a person thinks their car is fast than tinted windows.
  8. I wouldn't of even botherd.
  9. i #$%#ing HATE people like that.
  10. lol that reminds me alot of what i do when people who think theyre hot shit speed needlessly. just kick their asses and make it look like u werent trying. then leave

    i hate it when they make a show of it too, like staring off before the light turns red in anticipation, and doing that thing where they stop well before the line so they have room to speed up. its like theyre racing everybody on the street
  11. What kind of car do you drive?
  12. I loled.

    But seriously. If the tinted windows didn't give it away, then the windshield banners combined with wreckless, erratic driving and the obvious intention of racing would...
  13. Subaru Legacy
  14. tough guy
  15. the Legacy chalks up another victim, love that car
  16. Same thing happened to my brother, except he was racing an SRT-4, in his Impala. He lost, and was making up excuses for why he lost. I laughed.

    Edit: He's a cocky bastard.
  18. I like having a car that doesn't provoke idiots.
  19. I'm still waiting for someone to try me. I typically don't race, but I have no problem letting someone have it if they think they're hot shit. :) Couldn't do that in the Z24, although no one really tried to step to me then either.
  20. Meh, run a GXP that'll be a race
  21. Rice boys fear the Quad 4. Hahaha j/k
  22. That happend to me and a last gen GTP, I wasted his ass.
  23. i race some kid in a cavalier on my sportbike. We were going about 25 mph, he was in first gear and guns it, I was in third gear - good for 120 mph, immediately pulled on him and I was like at 2,800 rpm!!! My bike doesn't make any hard power until 8,000 rpm.

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