Airbus crash in the hudson

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by w00t, Jan 15, 2009.

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  2. lol its a shark. did a boat just run it over?
  3. My mom was driving in the city, said she saw a huge rush of cops up towards the area. Ferry boats are rescuing people out of the water... the temperature was 20F this morning.
  4. looks like the plane is towed now?
  5. youre a dick.
  6. lol @ sticky fingers sound on a live show.
  7. Dude, shut the **** up.
  8. You're an asshole. Apparently it ran into a flock of Canada Geese.
  9. yeah dude, insane! It's almost as if they designed it like that or something!
  10. null
  11. its a #$%#in plane made out of light materials and filled with foam and shit
  12. Pretty unlucky that the safest place to crash is water. Airports shouldn't be so close to very big cities without any farmland here and there.
  13. We don't know if anyone died.
  14. what makes water unlucky?
  15. You don't know that, and even if no one died, it's not exactly something entertaining that you need to brag about watching in HD.
  16. It's wet and everything, people sort of drown.
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  18. You can drown? And is it not more dangerous to land due to the fact that it deforms on impact? I don't know, what do aviator members say?
  19. Everybody made it off the plane safely.
  20. Planes are usually filled with air, not water.
  21. id rather land in water than dry land while crash landing.

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