Airbus crash in the hudson

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  1. We can never trust the Canadians
  2. Now all the passengers needs to be sanitize.
  3. what did mclaren say?
  4. Thanking Jesus over the super hi-def suffering of others.
  6. so a pretty basic longnecker tragedy trolling job.
  7. Is this the first ever successful water crash landing? I once heard that since there hasn't been a successful crash landing on water, those things they tell you to do in the safety manuals are all bullshit. Glad that this one is perfect.
  8. No he wasn't. You're a douche.
  9. There was another one I've seen footage of. The plane was landing softly on the water because it ran out of fuel, but one of the wings or engines hit rock under water, which caused the plane to roll over.

    Not exactly successful, I know, but that one just came to my mind when you asked
  10. Thanks for the support. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    And for people who don't realize just how much damage a bird can cause to a plane...
  11. apparently I missed what Mclaren said. what did he say?
  12. No, there have been plenty of successful ditchings. Although its mostly light aircraft which helps the survival rate.

    And props not just to the pilot but to the entire crew. Managing to get all those passengers out successfully is action worthy of much respect.
  13. "Hey you guys suck because I'm watching all this in HiDef and 1080i really pays off in terms of resolution. I mean, I can see their faces twitching in the freezing water. Praise Jesus for technology"
  14. direct quote.

    I also remember him saying something about hating jews and rambling on about cutting up kittens.
  15. disgusting.
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    Are you talking about this hijacked plane in the South Pacific?

    I never knew it hit something under water, but I guess that makes sense. And the craziest part about the story was that the pilot had been hijacked twice before, and even after this third hijacking and crash landing, he still continued to fly. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/amazed.gif"></A>
  18. My initial post basically said that I was watching the HD footage on TV because the quality of the website stream was so poor, but I quickly realized that I needed to word it better so people wouldn't freak out. I then changed it so as not to cause waves (no pun intended) and I also thanked w00t for posting the link so I could follow along with everyone else.
  19. sry,

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    how did he not die!?

    you have to think it's cahoots or something.
  21. For all of the terrorists to die and yet have the pilot survive is quite amazing.
  22. didnt like, 120 others die?
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    Holy shit, watch to the end:

  24. Geese are using the sky too, maybe the jet shouldn't #$%#ing tailgate them and global warming caused by HUMANS shouldn't make them fly south in JANUARY.


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