Airbus crash in the hudson

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  1. No, Canada Geese are ALWAYS dickheads. They ruin everything.
  2. They shit alot on things <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  3. When I was three a canada goose bit me in the face so I chased it into a fountain where my father had to pull me out by my booties.
  4. pretty much hit the nail on the head here
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    I'll have to watch that one at home, damn webfilter at work
  6. That doesn't explain their feces all over the fUcking place.
  7. flock of fUcking ****s
  8. They also produce a pound of shit a day.
  9. Ok kid.

    Out here in the summer it's flip flops and a wife beater on the CBR600RR
  10. This used to piss me off to no end in college, the canadian geese used our 8 acre patch of campus as a pit stop when coming down the east coast.
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    i would lol if it ran up a ramp and flew off the other end
  12. ok kid
  13. forced meme ugh
  14. yeah they produce a lot of shit, one of beaches on one of the lakes back home got really messed up one year because of them. Think CRD had a warning out one time just because the amount of crap was ridiculous, people normally swim in the lake, but it was polluted.
  15. ok kid
  16. never ceases to amaze me how luke claims to be holier than thou, and gods best friend, when he's actually filled with hatred and disdain for other living things.
  17. He's player hating
  18. Bush wants to invade Canada.
  19. it got linked.
  20. Water is like concrete if you hit it hard enough
  21. someone took 5th grade science
  22. we know. we don't like them either.
  23. Prove me wrong

    Jump off a bridge
  24. Yea, this is just not supposed to happen. Really, we take this as an incredibly unlikely incident. This incident could have some pretty far reaching affects on the design of twin engine aircraft.

    A single bird strike of one of the engines should not have caused the plane to land in the water. The plane is designed to fly on a single engine, so both engines would need to be damaged for this incident to occur. Unless there is something with the design of the plane that caused a single engine failure to result in this, such as loss of rudder control with a single engine failure. Because the pilot still obviously had hydraulic power in order to control the aircraft to make that amazing landing, it really does appear both engines lost almost all of their power.

    Also, somebody get that pilot a medal. That is an amazing job landing on water like that. This is the first real successful water landing of a large commercial aircraft. I know when I was taking my commercial aircraft egress class we joked that all of our water landing training was pretty optimistic considering past incidents.

    Are they supposed to use the overwing exits during a water landing on an A320? I am fairly certain on a 737 you are not supposed to.

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