Airliners overtaking eachothers

Discussion in 'Boats, Planes, Other' started by w00t, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. is this normal procedure? i was watching in the sky today and i live on a busy airplane route and 3 planes were overtaking eachother(they were on different altitudes though). i've never seen this before.
  2. Do you mean going the same route, or merely crossing the same point at different altitudes.
  3. going the same route at different altitudes, but one goes faster than another and overtakes the other.
  4. its actually quite common. And will only become more comon with the increase in sales of the new VLj's chances are that commercial airliners will be given "priority" for a flight level when they are traveling faster. In other words the VLJ's will have to fly at lower altitudes bceause they cant keep up with the airliners, and thus be less efficient thus eliminating the whole reason to buy a VLJ.
  5. Moar pics of this sort of stuff?

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