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  1. For those of you who do not know who I am, consult the new member introduction forum.

    I have been wanting to socialize on this bulletin board for quite some time, but on my last mission my laptop was an unfortunate casualty. My new laptop has just arrived at my home, and thankfully I am once again able to socialize on this board.

    It is unfortunate that my last mission was not a complete success. My 2 targets were more armored than I anticipated. I could freely speak of this mission for they live in a country where access to this webpage is blocked by their government.

    I was using a fine weapon produced by Heckler & Koch, the PSG-1. This is a somewhat expensive piece of equipment. I see them for sale around $11,000 in Eastern Europe.

    Usually body armor would not stop a high velocity 7.62 x 51 round, even at the 700 m I was shooting from, but they were wearing multiple pieces of high-density kevlar. Yes I recognize this was very unusual indeed.

    Fortunately the first shot his the first target directly at the area where the heart is, and putting him into arrest. The second target was trying to escape by running zigzags ( a commong anti-sniper tactic) to an armored vehicle. He fortunately got inside, and I emptied the last 4 rounds in the area where I predicted he was sitting. The glass was not strong enough to hold back the round and current intelligence by my employer suggests that there were several cuts around the neck and face area from glass. This is a semi-sucess, especially if you know what this person's occupation is, where his appearance is crucial.

    Has anyone else had such a situation?
  2. 1.) Shut up 2.)the effective range against soft targets even with frag vest is considerably greater than 700m. 3.) High density kevlar is less than adequate against .308 rounds, composit or steel ballistic plate is worn 4.) Snipers shoot for the head. 5.) WWII panzer glass could stop 7.92, and 30 cal, armoured glass has improved alot since then. 6.) Running zigzags is not taught by anyone as sniper avoidence. The pattern is too predictable.

    Catigoricaly shut down, now STFU.
  3. Whoa rumours you died weren't true
  4. Wow you clearly don't live in Europe you stupid ass bit*h.

    The PSG-1 came to market with a $2,500 price tag. When they could no longer legally be imported into the US (North America) the prices on the remaining rifles sky rocketed to $10,000.

    Prices in Europe remained pretty much unchanged as there were no laws restricting their importation.
  5. vwdrivervw has already considerably shut you down, so i won't attempt to shut you down anymore than you're sad existance requires.
  6. you are #$%#ing gay
  7. Was this SOF by chance? Was the target "bunnyhopping"?
  8. I must defend my integrity.

    1). I will not.

    2). As I have stated, they were waering multiple pieces.

    3). See #2.

    4). I could not shoot at the head for then possibly identification mishaps could occur, thus not giving me proper credit for my work.

    5). I was shooting at a Armored Mercedes S Class. As most of you know the glass is slightly rounded. Where the glass is attached is the weakest point of the glass, so at the angle I was shooting the glass would cave in at that point. Shooting at the center would stop the bullet surely since it was dual reinforced anti-projectile glass. Shooting at the corners of the glass would cause pieces of it to fall off. Also, this is an intelligence report, I did not see the target get injured, from what I know the glass stopped the bullets. Nonetheless I was paid 90%, so I am happy.

    6). The targets were not trained at all, but instinct tells that making suddent turns would provide some confusion at my side.

    As for the price of the PSG-1, when I was in Poland near Warsaw, the price I saw was about $11,000 USD. This is because Heckler & Koch have stopped production since all of their target customers (law enforcement, military, private companies) have all already acquired enough pieces of equipment. The price after this slowdown rocketed, since there was fear of the rifle never to be produced again, which I personally know to be untrue. Of course you can find these weapons for around $3,000 but for petty citizens like, locating one for less than $10,000 is improbable.
  9. You couldn't shoot them in the head because they wouldn't be able to be identified?


    The PSG-1 was specifically designed to go with the H&K "Confirmed Kill Camera". See picture #1 & #2. The camera took 3 pictures with each pull of the tigger and showed a before and after shot of the target being struck by the bullet.

    There was no fear that the PSG-1 production would cease. H&K clearly stated it would.

    And nobody gives a shit what you "personnaly know to be untrue" Sandy. H&K has gone to all polymer designs based on the G36 action and will never produce a stamped steel with welded tube design like the PSG-1 ever again. The SL8-1 (SL8-4 in Europe) can easily shoot groupings as well as the PSG-1 for a fraction of the cost.

    For the military a sniper variant of the XM8 is already being field tested by US forces.

    Come on Sandy, you may be able to half-assed pull off your "I AM B*TCH" routine but you can't pull this off because you know shit about the subject matter.
  10. lol best thread ever.

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    This site clearly shows the sniper variant of the XM8 rifle:,14632,Soldiertech_XM8,,00.html

    This modular weapons system who shares parts with the G36 and civalian SL8 is the base of all H&K rifle designs and the stamped steel welded tube receivers are history. Much like this bullshit personality of yours is history.
  12. 1.) You're right, you won't. This is because you are a #$%#ing retard.
    2.) No one wears multiple vests. The limited mobility becomes more of a liability than the lack of protection. Ballistic plate is worn for this reason.
    3.)Smarten the #$%# up.
    4.)That is why you have an SLR and take pictures of the target. Death is not a pretty buissnes, and no one makes quibbles over the mess made of the target.
    5.) The anchor is almost always the strongest point of a piece of armour.
    6.) You said tactics which implies training. Don't be retarded.

    Also note that a botched job is a liability and therefore more likely to get you offed than paid anything.

    Seriously if you wnat to lie on the internet at least try not to be #$%#ing retarded about it.
  13. Yeah it's pretty hard to beleive that an operator of the PSG-1 didn't know about the Confirmed Kill Camera. There were 3 of them for sale at Capital City Firearms in Richmond, Va 2 years ago. They also had a PSG-1 for $12,000.
  14. btw welcome back official assasin
  15. I do know the existence of the camera but unfortunately it does not work with my setup.

    I am sorry that most of you do not understand my line of work, and it is hard to explain to many ignorant individuals like yourselves.

    I feel that further discussion of this topic may jeopardize my identity. There are various reasons why you cannot shoot at the head in my line of business, and also various reasons why someone can not wear a plate. Many of you cannot take into account the occasional irregular target, posibbly very tall, or very wide, who cannot accomodate himself with these luxury items.
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    I was under the impression that the XM8 sniper varient would only replace the AR-15 spin off SPRs rather than the DMRs.
  17. If you have a PSG1, it works on your set up

    You don't understand the supposed line of work you have. Some of us do.

    Your identity is Sandy, the piece of inbread worthless trailor trash.

    There are various real (not made up piece of shit) reasons that one always aims for the head in such a job. There are no reasons why somone whou could squeeze into multiple layers of kevlar could not wear plate. They make frag vests and ballistic vests large enough to fit my 6'7" 290lb friend, and what is more they can easily be customized.
  18. The XM8 Sniper would replace any current semi auto rifle currently in use other than specialized rifles like the .50bmg.
  19. thats a bit creepy. why would you want one of those cameras unless you were an assasin?
  21. I dunno, ask the German and Swedish military and police departments.
  22. Thats a HK MP5 K
  23. Guys, don't own him too much. He's so funny that I want him to come back.
  24. There we go. Yah, Dedicated marksman rifles are the specialized bolt action ones such as the M40A3.
  25. Sandy sure got shit on in this thread.

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