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Discussion in 'European Cars' started by norco123, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. all unneeded interior bits (including passenger seat, all trim pieces except for the gauges), replace drivers seat with some form of racing seat would be about 400ish pounds.

    just going through the engine and replacing all of the nuts and bolts with hardware made of titanium would save easily 100 pounds. then do that with the rest of the cars hardware and that would be approximately another 100 pounds.

    getting rid of all the sound absorbing material would be about another 50.

    all unneeded wiring and hardware after completely stripping every bit of comfort or trim pieces out of the car would also save a good chunk of weight.

    the car wouldn't be really useful for anything but tracking it but it could be done.
  2. And the cost of these titanium parts and the job would be...?

  3. A lot obviously. Stop picking it apart, all he's saying is that you can take a shitload of weight out of the car. Not that it would be as light as the 4C or that it would cost as much as the Alfa.
  4. absolutely ridiculous
  5. I really like this car, shit steering wheel notwitstanding
  6. Ja of course. I just wanted to point out that this "Id rather strip out used 911 or cayman. Probably boxster s ideally. " was a bit silly.
  7. Why was it silly?

    You cant strip a caymab without buying titanium screws?
  8. The end result would be a worse Cayman that still wouldn't be as light as the 4C. Caymans are really nice cars, I don't see the point in ruining one.

    If you want something for track use and track use only, just buy a 911 GT3 cup.
  9. Am I getting trolled?
  10. possibly
  11. No. Just stupid shining through.
    Your opinions are bad and you should feel bad.
    Alfa clearly has all the PASSION you pleb
  12. Nee
  13. If you'd rather have a cayman over this alfa then you're not a car enthusiast and you shouldn't consider yourself one.
  14. what
  15. fairly easy indeed
  16. all it takes is time and money
  17. A 996 GT3 2nd gen is 1451 kg

    A 996 GT3 cup car is 1140 kg

    Srsly who would want a Cayman with a racing seat and harness, plexiglass windscreen and windows, no interior, no stereo, no passenger seat, no A/C, and no soundproofing? I don't see the point in paying for those components and then paying again to throw them away. If you want a light car with nothing, there are lots of trackday cars on the market. I have seen too many stripped out and "tuned" cars done by non-professionals that are completely botched and ridiculous. Also try selling a used Cayman with a destroyed interior and some wiring sticking out where the dashboard used to be.

    GT3 cup cars are built as racing cars from the start. They have different almost everything.
  18. How about a 914 with a Cayman engine?
  19. Now that's a good fUcking idea. Would be a shitload of work if you could even get it to fit but ya
  20. But that's for any car. Not just 911s.. With that method you might as well strip out another 100kg from the 4C
  21. very true. it just depends on what the person wants.
  22. Fararri boys are usually a bit slow
  23. Why? Cayman, at the end of the day, is a better car in every aspect, except for the weight obviously. It doesn't use some unrefined 4 cylinder turbo that only revs to 6.5k and runs out of steam half way through its power band (very annoying), you can actually get a 6 speed manual transmission in a Cayman, and it has a superb steering feel.
  24. Nice to see who the real enthusiasts are

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