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  1. Never going to understand the whole against cup holders thing. If you don't want to use them don't... But they don't do any harm. I honestly don't get how foreigners don't like to have a cup of coffee or whatever on their drive to work. I need to get as much caffeine in me as quickly as possible in the morning.
  2. this is because we europeans get up when we want, eat our croissants and drink our high quality coffee on the terrace in the sun, in a stylish cafe at a leisurely pace, have a cigarette, have good conversation with friends, before blasting around some switchback chicanes on the way to work in our v6 alfa romeos
  3. LOL Must be something like that. But wouldn't you want another cup while on the road, even if you already had a few??? I don't go anywhere, ever, under any circumstances without a beverage. 98 percent of the time it's a cup of English Breakfast.

    I still have them beat... I get to sit around and drink tea all day, chain smoking, eating whatever I want, without having to go to a job and listen to some asshole tell me what to do! Self employment=WIN
  4. IM guessing there are no drive-throughs in Europe that serve beverages. Whatever, because there are in the US and it necessitates having cup holders. Not everyone wants to go inside the restaurant and order. Even if you do, you have to carry it out to your car and put the drinks somewhere. Theres a Thai restaurant right up the road from where I work and when my coworkers order from there, I cant imagine how else Id get the drinks back to the workplace.
  5. Seriously! I don't get how they're so anti cup holder. Don't people run and get food for multiple people at lunch like you said? Have a soda leftover after lunch when they're eating alone? I can't imagine those situations literally don't come up anywhere but America.
  6. yeah I dont think they can avoid it altogether.
    Cupholders are in no way a nuisance or anything. They are just more storage in the car.
  7. ^^^fat amerikan'ts and their stupid cupholders.
  8. Just because we can afford to eat and drink, and not be starving in a third world cesspool, doesn't give you an excuse to be rude and insulting.
  10. I do agree with you about eating and drinking while at the wheel, but thats really not the point of a cupholder. a cupholder just stores a cup for later usage.
  11. IMO it devirtuates the point of driving to the extent that with time it even changes the culture. Have you seen that Dodges offer a "Fast Food Bin" in their vehicles?

    That's not for holding coins and sunglasses, that's for holding your hamburger with fries while you drive... do you think that if you give people something like that, they're gonna use it while the vehicle is stopped?. Don't think so.

    If you put a pillow in a car, the stupid drivers, with time, will start taking naps while they drive. Because humans are retarded.

    If you're in a car, you're either the driver or a passenger. If you're the driver you have to DRIVE. Not talk on the phone, text your girlfriend, drink coffee or eat a hamburger. If you're the passenger you can do whatever the shit you want. Almost.
  12. This is why I still don't understand why drivers are still allowed to smoke while driving in a lot of countries.
  13. I don't see what's wrong with having a sip of hennessey while driving
  14. gin n juice
  15. My car has two tanks, one for diesel one for Coca~Cola Classic. Just run a straw through the interior. Don't need cupholders.
  16. I agree that you shouldn't eat, or talking on the phone while driving. I ignore calls I get while I'm driving and never eat.

    Drinking is a little different though. It doesn't require nearly as much attention or effort as eating/talking. Just put something up to your lips, and take a sip. Since I drive with 1 hand 90 percent of the time anyway it doesn't even take a hand away from the wheel! It's so automatic is doesn't distract at all.
  17. WTF. What countries can't you smoke while driving in???
  18. Some of the views on driving in this thread are #$%#in hilarious
  19. Yrups or Murikans?

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