Alfa Romeo SZ/RZ Zagato

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by bernhard153, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. Please post all your Alfa Romeo SZ/RZ Zagato Articles.

    Maybe, I'm going to buy one

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    Apparently there are still 56 of those registered in my country, putting the Netherlands in 4th place of most SZ's, after England, Japan and Italy.

    Great car, in my childhood someone in a nearby village had one. I don't have any/much info about it at home, however.

    edit: those 56 are SZ' and RZ' counted up together, actually

    edit 2: here's a list of publications, so you know which issues to be after
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    interresting, ive never seen one.
  4. the car has a weird design imo. however i like it.
  6. Very rare car
  7. Gorgeous car
  8. THread needs maor pictus
  10. SZ is such an awesome looking car!

  11. I drove this baby today! Now I love it even more! it's HOT! =)

  12. id love to see one IRL
  13. This? Really? It looks like a... I don't know what, but something, that's for sure!
  14. I stood still the day I saw one at a traffic light near my work.

    I hope to see a bunch of those at spa italia this summer
  15. Repost, but a precise way of telling from where the car is familiar for me.
  16. Do tell, always wondered what they're like.

  17. It's unbelievable! The noise, the bodyshape, the astonished gaze of the people... =)

    The car i drove is for sale. I want to buy it, but it is in very poor condition... so I don't know, if I should buy it, or not. =/

    Please help me with this difficult decision! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>


  18. I had this game (Super Cars II) on my Amiga 500.... about 17 years ago =) I loved it
  19. I'd say no. Find a better example or just let it go for the time being. Buying a very poor example, especially of a rare car like this, is commonly regarded as financial suicide, unless it's extremely cheap.

    I bought a rough Alfa 155 (1994) and I'm having trouble getting parts for that. Can't imagine what trouble it would be with an RZ/SZ...
  20. What's the price bernhard? maybe it's a good price for the condition...

  21. 30.000 Euros...

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    More searching provided more and better results: (27.000 euros!)

    Check out the condition and the prices of those. From what you say, I wouldn't buy that one that you test drove, 30.000 euros for a car in poor condition doesn't sound like a good deal when you can buy some in excellent condition for just a few more euros.
  24. Thanks for your help! But there are some problems:
    1. The roof of the 27.000 Euro SZ is painted red =(
    2. Two of them are for sale in Japan =(
    3. it will cost about 4.000 Euro of Taxes to import this car to Austria =(

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