Alfa Romeo VS Aston Martin

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by gallardo, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. 2 istant classic

    design only....what is better design??
  2. Definatly the 8C for me
  3. 8C. The Vantage is my least favourite modern Aston, but I don't even prefer the Vanquish to the 8C. On the other hand, I suppose the Vanquish is a lot more macho, which does count for something.
  4. 8C like woah
  7. Shit thread.
  8. my pics

    8C in Maserati factory
  9. Does it matter that the Aston is made from bits of old 1990s Ford Mondeos? Does that count as design?
  10. Out of those two cars, the 8C, but there is no comparison between brands. I'd take Alfa Romeo every time. Aston is now too wannabe 007.
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  12. very close, but im sure if I see an 8C in person I will prefer it. so 8C. but DB9 or DBS over 8C.
  13. I kind of like the AMV8 more.
  14. im with you a bit. its my favourite aston but i still prefer the 8C
  15. AMV8.

    I have yet to see an 8C, so it might change my mind later. But for now.... the Vantage.
  16. a yellow Vantage looks great from every angle imho. the 8c doesn't..
  17. 8c
    beauty does it for me
  18. 8C liek whoa
  19. ayt cee
  20. Aston please.

    I think the 8C just looks odd... :/
  21. it does. that's wutt gives it its beauty. Its a good odd.
  22. my pics

    8c in Maserati factory

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