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    if aliens ever made it here, they would have to be much further advanced then us. gimme time and ill figure out by how much AT LEAST.

    screw it - internet knows better.

    fastest currently theoretical time to get to alpha centuri: 85 years.
    fastest currently feasible: 19,000 years
    fastest currently economical: 85,000 years

    so for them to arrive now, they are at least a decade ahead of us. we are gonna be like those pygmy busmen that were fake in the amazon ect
  2. Amerika #1 will introduce them to democracy.
  3. If they are more advanced than us, they would have found us already. Otherwise, we will find them first and just observe them as they advance their culture until one day, one of our ships crash lands on their planet and we get discovered. Then, we will probably have sex with them and have weird, hybrid children.
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    wow, a whole decade ahead of us? Imagine what we'll be able to do in 10 years!<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  5. jokes aside, I do believe there is life outside of earth. The universe is just so ridiculously massive that we'll never find it, and likely never be found before life ends on earth.
  6. LOL, by decade i mean century <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/PnutSpecial.gif"></A>
  7. We explore the jungle, find a new race of spiders, separate out the females, and milk them for their silk until they die from being over milked.

    No need to reverse it. Just zoom out and imagine that happening to us. Except they would separate out the males this time.

    THAT is #$%#ed up shit
  8. The only aliens likely to be found in the near future are some kind of bacteria/algae whatever.

  9. I'd have no prolems with being milked.

    It would be really cool if there was an alien race that found out that human flesh tastes pretty good. It would be befitting that this race would end its days as livestock.

    Killed halal-style, preferably.
  10. youre a fool if you think God will end life on earth
  11. It depends. Iv heard some aliens are friendly and come in complete peace. Wile other races come in evil to bring harm.
  12. The aliens are there watching, they're just waiting for us to advance because of the Prime Directive's directions against interfering with pre-warp civilizations.
  13. this. humans are such douchebags.

    But for us to make contact with another intelligent race, either the humans or the aliens would have to be capable of interstellar travel or possibly even FTL travel. And we're a LONG way away from that. The chances that there is another race with the intelligence of humans or greater within 1000 light years of us is slim.
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    Real spider silk (as in, the fabric woven from it) is mind#$%# hard to make/expensive:
  15. There was some dude on somethingawful who pretended to be an alien (and quite well, actually. He'd clearly thought the whole scenario out in advance). He stated that every civilization goes through a period of intense nuclear war before becoming spaceborn, if they survive the war at all. The effect, however, was that no spacefaring race was belligerant. Like 75% of the responses to his thread were along the lines of "Shut the #$%# up. I can't wait until Earth's glorious space navy pounds your little planet to dust." And frankly, neither can I.

    God, we'll kick so much ass in space.
  16. I can't wait for that away party to arrive when we discover warp technology.

    They're probably here in disguise scouting us out now.
  17. I would think any civilization advanced enough to both find us an get to us would have to be well past wars and shit. Weapons would be too powerful by that stage of advancement for them to be capable of both war and continuing existence.
  18. Assuming life somehow develops according to the same set of random biological, environmental and cultural events that produced us.
  19. I think the way humans treat aliens in the movie District 9 would be pretty close to how we would treat them if we ever found them... and since we're all creatures of nature, i certainly wouldn't be surprised if aliens would do the same to us.
  20. They haven't harmed us so far, so they probably never will.
  21. wow good logic!
  22. #$%# u this is day nine thousand two hundred and forty three i have not died i am obviously immortal
  23. I'm comfortably certain that no race capable of doing such a thing exists within a proximity that it will be something to worry about in my lifetime.
  24. 2063! I can't wait!
  25. "hay were aliens lolz! we are super dooper advanced and wood gain nothing from ur destruction, but were gunna kill yaz all anyways, cuz were just a bunch of dix! lolpwn3d!"

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