All 2018 supercars video I made

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by SuperSonic, Mar 5, 2018.

  1. Enjoy and also tell me what cars ive missed out.

  2. what about the bmw 760li
  3. what about the bmw 760li
  5. I'd like it if it had a bmw 760li.
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  6. I like turtles
  7. it was ok supersonic but i think you forgot the ultimate sleeper
    the bmw 760 li
    its a v12 and it is also long wheel base but looks like a sedan
    really looking forward to the revised video
  8. All Audis/BMWs/Mercedes lineups look exactly the same throughout.

    Yesterday I was behind an S-class for about 15 minutes and the whole time I though it was a C-class until I read the badge
  9. new mercedes are cuckmobiles have you heard of the w126 s class screaming chicken faction
  10. Ah yes the man with the chicken badge on the fender is king among the vast fields of something something
  11. Companies I can't tell the various models of apart from one another:
    Aston Martin (is this a V8 Vanquish Vantage, or a V12 DBvantage?)
    McLaren (same looks all around, different output and apparently tech)
    Rolls Royce (one basic model with different number of doors/roof)
    Audi (A5/6/7)
  12. Nice!Great job!
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  13. Since when is a Dodge charger Hellcat a Chevrolet? :p
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  14. You actually watched it before commenting? Lol lame
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  15. Yes, I know. I'm lame. :(
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