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  1. Ill give you 5 dollars if you can name a war the US fought in because we werent "sticking our asses where we see fit".

    Go ahead, try it.
  2. how come? i just don't understand why some of those guys are making such a big fuss over the actions of the fatties down south.

    i don't care what stance they have or what side they are on, it's just lame.

    it's also stupid how people keep arguing with homero when they say he's the worst person to argue with
  3. I saw "The world according to Bush". I know every one of these things has an agenda (it was French) and it is hard to seperate whos "truth" to believe. We end up believing the one we want to I suppose. For my part I find it hard to conclude Bush and his government would commit to war for oil, money etc. Maybe I am naive. What shook my belief were the ex "Bush" people who spoke out about what they considered lies and misinformation. Ex CIA chiefs, of course Hans Blix and the UN, advisers etc.
    Of particular interest was Bob Byrd the Democrat senator from W. Virginia, supposedly a long time friend of GB snr. unleash an all out spray on the current administrations arrogance and wrecklessness. In the end it seems that there are the fors and againsts. Those, mostly Americans, who believe and believe in Bush, and those , everyone else including a large amount of Americans, who believe he is not to be believed.
  4. About Homero, it is a pleasure to prouve that he is wrong by all the means. It is like saying to Homero:"Are you sure you know what you are talking about?."
    Some people just hate GWB, so they need to express their anger by pissing him off.
  5. american
  6. get real
  7. shut the f*ck up and use your brain correctly because you fail life seriously.
  8. looks like you're failing.
  9. I use my brain but you definitely don't use yours that explains your lameness.
  10. You really know how to make fun of yourself in a few words.
  11. I was just mocking you but apparently you didn't understand that Freedom Talker (my post has been edited).So conclusion you failed seriously on this one. I just showed by asking a rethorical question how much you were ignorant about what really happens in the us.Your info is all based on Moore's film which is pure bullshit.
  12. Go on, tell me what you want to talk about the US foreign policy and let's see who owns who.
  13. There are a lot of people who agree with me concerning your biased democrat sources.
  14. I don't fear to tell that i support republicans. I was never in favor of Kerry. I never liked Moore too.
  15. so someone besides me finally noticed this
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    Its funny that the debate (if you can call it that) that we were having a year ago about the war has morphed into a Bush question when all along the question has been about Bush and his cronies.

    The vast majority of people have no problem with America. The problem arises from the current American administration being far to aggressive executing its foreign policy which came to ahead in Iraq.

    The conflict on here seems to stem from the fact that anytime people question US government policy, members from the US seem to take it as an affront against all of the US.

    I would be interested to know if people in the US take everything that is said in the US media as Gospel? And do you read/watch any other global media?

    Anyone wanting a good read on the History of Iraq and Saddam should read John Simpson’s last book.
  17. no i'm not american you #$%#ing shitheads.

    i don't #$%#ing care about them, i don't give a shit what goes on down there.

    i just don't understnad hwy so many of you fools go out of your way to make their business your own

  18. "Oh, BTW, we went after Al Qaeda in Afghanistan first, before turning to Iraq. We destroyed the primary Al Qaeda network, liberated a nation, and reduced the ability of the terrorists to do major damage, before turning to iraq to both reduce international terrorisme more AND deal with a nation that had already invaded a neigboring countyr and violated 14 UN resolutions. AND had repeatedly shot at (and therfore attempted to kill) American and british pilots enforcing the "no fly zone" over portions of Iraq, which were set in place after Saddam invaded Kuwait."

    America is just a big bully for removing such a cuddly dictator. I mean come on, he's only killed 1.3 million of his own people, invaded a neighboring country, attacked surrounding countries, developed and used chemical weapons (in an attempt to remove the Kurds), had previous ties to terrorists, and just terrorized his people in general. Iraq is much worse off without Saddam.
  19. Right, and somehow they accuse the US of being the one who threatens world peace. Removing a genocidal dictator is not threatening anybody's peace.
  20. Well heres a question I'll ask you assholes, should Saddam of been removed from power?
  21. Yes, he should have been.

    Now I have a question for you. Do you think before you post? you son of a #%!@.
  22. I thought about your question and response before you woke up today.

    Well if he should of been taken out of power and we did it, then how are we being "too aggressive" or whatever they're saying this week.
  23. Still waiting, chicken.
  24. Really.Try to find some links, sheep and i will show you how wrong and kerry biased you are.

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