all f-body owners post your fastest top speed

Discussion in '2001 Chevrolet Camaro SS Coupe' started by SSfearSS, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Not really, there has never been a motor vehical prosecution due to posts on the internet. Not like they really have a whole lot of evidence.

    With 4.10 gears and boltons to 420 rwhp, there have been camaros that drop to sixth and spray their way to 200.
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    My aunt's got a firebird that's been moded for drag racing, it's got a crate motor and nos among other things, the best i've seen it do the 1/4 in is 10.2 @ 140mph, but it tops out not long after that...
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    So let me get this straight, I figured it up and you were averaging 117 mph for 312 miles. Either your lieing.....or you are one dumb #$%# and I don't wanna be on the road at the same time you are.
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    Well it was more like 140 mph on the highway and its pretty apparent that you've never been on I-10. Over the entire trip about 300 miles of it is long straight highway, this is where they hold some of the highspeed races similar to the Silver State Classic. There is nothing on I-10, I could of been going 250 and still be physically safe if not so mentally safe.

    Its not that hard, hell, I managed an average of 98 mph in my tacoma. Thats with 2 stops for gas.

    As I recall we slowed to the speed limit 4 times when going through towns, but past that we were cruising at 140. Stopped for gas twice. 140 isn't fast at all.
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    Thats pretty damn hard on your vehicle. But if you wanna buy a new one every 4 years, go right ahead and drive 3 hours at 4000+ RPM.
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    Actually he was putting in a 10 bolt the next week anyway.
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    For the guy who thinks it's 312 miles from San Antonio to Houston, you're full of it. It's 198mi. from courthouse to courthouse via I-10. I graduated from SA Lee in 1975 and was born in Houston. I made that trip every friggin weekend for two years to see my girl. The road is all hills and mild curves between Seguin and Columbus and if ya bust off through Sealy your a$$ is gone to jail. Hell, I made that trip in less than two hours from 410 East to 610 North, about 170 miles, in a 1971 Cutlass S for criminey's sake. Go talk your sh!t elsewhere.
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    162 in my 1998 z28. cheers!
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    It must be sweet to hit 150 mph+
    the fastest i've been in an F-Body is 110(92 RS Camaro) and as you can guess i only wanted to go faster but it's only a V-6 and i had three passengers with me so the fastest i could out of the engine was 110.
  10. No dumbshit, I said it was 312 miles from start to finish not San Antonio to Houston.

    The trip has slow curves which only get extreme in 3 spots along the way and there is no such thing as a hill that you can't see safely over until you get past Hondo.

    Try again ass clown.
  11. Listen up! Anyone who says they went 200mph or even faster in an F-body is an ignorant fool. I'd like to see some proof. Well my Chevy Express 1500 Van can go 180mph. Please! No reason to make shit up. I bet my camaro is faster than any other owners on this forum. So just shut up.
  12. That's bull sh!t. How much hp and lb-ft do you have? What kind of final drive ratio? There is no way you went that fast. Please tell me what kind of power you have and what gears. We'll find out if you really went 205mph in an F-body.
  13. Clocked at 174 by a Highway Patrol friend of mine on I-55 AND STILL GOING!!! I'd estimate the top speed at about 180 +/-. Trans Am WS6 baby one of the sexiest production cars in the world!!

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